History Chapter 6

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The Golden Age took place during the ___B.C
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Time between Alexander's death the the Roman conquest of Greece in 146 B.C. is know as the __Hellenistic AgeAfter Alexander's death, his empire was divided into three main kingdoms __ , __ , & __Macedonia, Egypt, and SyriaBuilt the statue of ZeusPhidiasKnown as "The Discus Thrower"MyronKnown as "Father of History"HerodotusCalculated the diameter of the earth within 50 milesEratosthenesConquered all of Greece but his son made greater conquestsPhilipFounder of medicineHippocratesUser mathematics to build machinesArchimedesWrithe the textbook, ElementsEuclidGreek leaders sentenced him to deathSocratesWrote Greek dialogue, the RepublicPlatoorganization of an infantry which consisted of 16 rows of soldiers equipped with lancesphalanxplay in which the main character always struggles with fatetragedypublic speakeroratorplay that mocks ideas and peoplecomedyassumption that a central character in a tragedy has the same knowledge or ability as the godshubrisgroup of soldiers trained to fight on footinfantrystudy of the most fundamental questions of reality and human existencephilosophyPlay containing action or dialogue usually involving conflict or emotiondrama