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5 Ways to Open up Existing File

- open word then document
- Desktop shortcut
-File Recent

fastest way open up existing file

Fastest way if Word is already open, and you recently worked on the document.

5 ways to Navigate Through a Document

-Page Up & Page Down keys
-Arrows key (aka: directional keys)
-Scroll arrows
-Horizontal scroll box
-Scroll box

Home takes you to the

Beginning of the of the line

Ctrl+ home takes you to the

Top of Document

End take you to the

End of the line

Ctrl + End take you to

bottom of the document

By default, Word opens in the ______________mode.

Insert mode

Insert mode:

inserts text to the right of I-beam

Overtype mode:

replaces text to the right I-beam

CTRL + Page Up

move to top of page)

CTRL + Page Down

(move to bottom of page)

CTRL + F10

(maximizes document window)

ALT + F10

(minimizes document window)

ALT + F5

(restores the program window size)

In Word 2010 the file extension is___________________________.

In Word the file extension is .docx (for 2007 & 2010) and .doc (for prior versions).

Save vs. Save As:

Save: saves 1 document.
Save as: saves 2 document.

Save - Changes are saved__________________________________.

Changes are saved on top of current document.
If document is already named, you can just click on the on the QAT.

Save As - Another document is ________________. The original document is kept _______________.

Must click on File and Save As to access Save As.
Another document is created.The original is kept intact. The new document can now be edited.

.txt -

Plain Text Format
This is a good extension to use if all you need is to preserve the text.

Example: You have a word processor at home, but it is not a version of Word. Save your file as a .txt and pull it into Word when you get to school to format it.

.rtf -

(Rich Text Format)
Similar to .txt, but it saves underlines, boldface, etc.

.pdf -

This format preserves your formatting even if the users do not have the same fonts installed on their computers.

Shift +F5


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