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Foundation of Government

What does the word "govern" mean?
To rule
What is "government"?
A government is any organization set up to make and enforce rules.
What are the three levels of US government?
Highest, Middle, and Closest
What is the "Highest" Level
Nation (federal)
What is the "Middle" Level
What is the "Closest Level"
Local (county, or city)
What are the main differences between different types of government?
The way the leaders are chosen
Passed down from one generation to the next
One person or a small group of people have absolute control and power over the government.
The power comes from the people.
Small group in power
Rulers attempt to control all aspects of the people's lives, including the religious, cultural, political, and personal aspects of their lives.
Form of government in which the rulers are religious leaders who claim to rule on behalf of God or the gods worshipped in their country.
All of the voters in a community meet in one place o make laws and decide what actions to take. Historically, only successful in small communities.
Direct Democracy
The people elect representatives to carry on the work of the government for them. Is called a
Representative Democracy