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Since ASL is a spatial language, it requires that you develop spatial awareness of your environment. This is called ________ ________ ________. Be able to give an example.
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- Called the Michelangelo of the American West
- Tiden is remembered in the art world as a standard-bearer for the spirit of the American West.
-In the deaf community, he is remembered for his activism against the suppression of sign language for educating deaf children
-Sculpture the bear hunt stands on the campus of California school for the deaf in Fremont
This facial expression is used to indicate something is relatively small or smaller than expected
This facial expression is used to indicate something is average, ordinary, and/ or comfortable in size
This facial expression is used to indicate something is relatively larger than expected than average size or larger than expected
Multiples of 10
- 30,40,50 start with 3,4,5 facing out. Then the extended fingers and thumb close repeatedly
- With 60, the thumb and pinky finger remain in contact while extended fingers close repeatedly
Multiples of 11
- The palm faces down
- Those numbers are made with a stamping movement going sideways toward your dominant side
Numbers 31-39
- These numbers are all slightly forward. Sign the first digit of the number with the palm facing out. The hand then moves slightly forward while signing the second digit. This is the same movement as you learned for numbers 23-29.
To show agreement when sharing information about the person you are talking about. If the person is sitting to the right of you, you sign directly in front of your body. But when someone is sitting across the room sign the information further out in from of you to indicate the information is about the people across from you.
What should you remember to do when answering a yes/no question? Why is that important?It is better to give more than a single yes or no response. Answering yes or no makes you appear as if you don't want to be bothered.What kind of animals are commonly deaf?Dogs and cats with white fur and blue eyes are often deafWhat is an appropriate response to "Thank you?"You're welcome You're fineNote the suggested palm orientations for Y, Q, and P. How is P different when followed by R or L?Y , Q, P -The palm is oriented down The letter P followed by R or L -The palm is oriented down and tilted slightly sidewaysHow do you sign 1-9 minutes? What about 10 minutes? How about 11 minutes or more?1-9 are incorporated into the sign for a minute 10 you sign the number then sign minuteHow do you sign 1-9 hours? How is that different from 10 hours or more than10 hours?1-9 are incorporated into the sign for the hour 10 and longer you sign the number then sign hourWhat are 2 ways to ask "How long (time) does it take"?Ask how many minutes it takes Ask how many hours it takesBe able to explain how to modify a verb to show agreement with locationThe movement in these verbs below reflects the base forms, but when you are referring to established locations, the movement of the verbs is modified to show agreement with the location(s)Describe what a "Deaf-friendly house" might be like in terms of lighting, seating, and floor plans. What types of technology might be present?Ideal environments for deaf people have open spaces. The floor plan includes it being visually open with walls that do not block views so they can sign. The lighting is bright for easy visibility. The seating is positioned so that people can see each other and the door in sight. Mirrors are strategically placed to make obstructed parts of the room visible or to see who is approaching from behind.Review the 5 strategies for asking what a sign is (from Unit 2)Point to an object Draw a picture List things in a category Use opposites Describe/ act outKnow what is considered polite/impolite as far as using your voice in the presence of Deaf peopleIf you know how to sign but speak instead it is considered rude If speaking with a non-signer person and a deaf person do not try to sign and use your voice it makes poor communication.