Brown stage of grammar

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Stage 2, inflectional morphemesBegin to appear in speechStage 2 main verbMost have main verb, variety increases but still open classStage 3 age31-34 monthsStage 3 MLU(2.5-2.99)Stage 3, 4, 5 inflectional morphemeContinue to increaseStage 3 main verbaMore closed-class verbs appearStage 3 auxiliary verbsNow uses 1 auxiliary verb+main verbCommon primary verbs stage 3Be, do, don't, haveCommon modal verbs stage 3Will & won'tStage 4 age35-40 monthsStage 4 MLU(3.0-3.74)Stage 4 types of sentencesSimple, compound emerge, some complex sentences emergeStage 4 noun phrase coordinationUses conjunctions to connect noun phraseStage 4 auxiliary verbsNow uses verb phrases with 2 auxiliary verbsStage 4 verb phrase coordinationNow uses conjunctions to connect verb phrasesSentence complement stage 4Addition of another clasueStage 4 clause coordinationNow connects 2 clauses together in a sentence with AND doesn't use other conjunctions to connect clausesAt the end of the main clause, the child now uses: (stage 4)Object noun clause To-infinitive clause Bare-infinitive clauseStage 5 age41-46 monthsStage 5 MLU(3.75-4.4)Stage 5 sentence complementStarts using indirections direct object noun phraseStage 5 clause coordinationAll conjunction. Now connects 3 or 3 clauses together in a sentenceAt the end of the main clause, the child now uses: (stage 5)Relative clause Adverb clause Participle clause