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La Boisson

Drink/Beverage [Feminine]

La Carte

Menu [Feminine]

La Chose

Thing [Feminine]

La Côte

Chop [Feminine]

La Cuisine

Kitchen [Feminine]

La Glace

Ice [Feminine]

La Matinée

Morning [Feminine]

La Mousse au Chocolat

Chocolate Mousse [Feminine]

La Nuit

Night [Feminine]

La Pomme

Apple [Feminine]

La Pomme de Terre

Potato [Feminine]

La Saucisse

Sausage [Feminine]

La Serveuse

Waitress [Feminine]

La Soirée

Evening [Feminine]

La Sole

Sole (Fish) [Feminine]

La Tranche

Slice [Feminine]

La Viande

Meat [Feminine]


Bill/Check (Restaurant) [Feminine]


Plate [Feminine]


First Course [Feminine]

Les Conserves

Canned Goods [Feminine]

Les Crevettes

Shrimp [Feminine]

Les Pâtes

Pasta [Feminine]

Les Sardines

Sardines [Feminine]

Les Sardines à L'huile

Sardines in Oil [Feminine]


Oil [Feminine]

L'huile d'olive

Olive Oil [Feminine]


Oyster [Feminine]

La Boîte

Can [Masculine]


Garlic [Masculine]


Money [Masculine]

Le Boeuf

Beef [Masculine]

Le Centime

.01 Euro [Masculine]

Le Crabe

Crab [Masculine]

Le Déjeuner

Lunch [Masculine]

Le Dîner

Dinner [Masculine]

Le Filet

Fillet (Beef, Fish, etc) [Masculine]

Le Fromage

Cheese [Masculine]

Le Gâteau

Cake [Masculine]

Le Homard

Lobster [Masculine]

Le Kilo

Kilo [Masculine]

Le Kilogramme

Kilogram [Masculine]

Le Magasin

Store/Shop [Masculine]

Le Matin

Morning [Masculine]

Le Menu

Fixed/Price Menu [Masculine]

Le Morceau

Piece [Masculine]

Le Pain de Campagne

Country-Style Wheat Bread [Masculine]

Le Pâté de Campagne

Country-Style Pâté [Masculine]

Le Petit Déjeuner

Breakfast [Masculine]

Le Plat

Course (Meal) [Masculine]

Le Plat Principal

Main Dish [Masculine]

Le Porc

Pork [Masculine]

Le Pourboire

Tip [Masculine]

Le Prix

Price [Masculine]

Le Régime

Diet [Masculine]

Le Rôti

Roast [Masculine]

Le Saucisson

Salami [Masculine]

Le Saumon

Salmon [Masculine]

Le Serveur

Waiter [Masculine]

Le Soir

Evening [Masculine]

Le Veau

Veal [Masculine]

Le Vin

Wine [Masculine]


Éclair [Masculine]

Les Haricots Verts

Green Beans [Masculine]


Snail [Masculine]


Euro [Masculine]

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