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Push pull factor

Events that force people to move

Pacific railway

law passed giving large land grants to the railroads

Morrill land grant act

law that passed large areas of land for agricultural colleges

Land speculators

person who buys up large areas of land

Homestead act

law that gave 160 acres to people who fit the conditions


an african American who migrated to the west after civil war

Great plains

plain between Mississippi river and Rocky's




federal land set aside for Native Americans

Battle of little big horn

Sioux victory over troops led by George Custard

Ghost dance

A native American purification ritual

Massacre at wounded knee

a shooting of unarmed Sioux by U.S. troops


becomming part of something

Dawes act

law that divided reservation land into family plots


people who illegally claimed land

Placer mining

mining by putting dirt in a box and finding gold


a home made of grass

Dry farming

technique used to grow crops in dry areas

Bonanza farms

farm controlled by large businesses


an exaggeration of oversampled reality over another peoples

Money supply

the amount of money in the national supply


a drop in the prices of goods

Monetary policy

the governments policy to fix the dept

Bimetallic standard

currency of the United States prior to 1873

Free silver

the unlimited coining of silver dollars

Bland Allison act

law that required the purchase and coining of more silver

Sherman silver purchase act

law passed in congress to increase the amount of silver the government was to purchase


follower of the populist part

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