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Metric Measurement Quiz Study Guide

Mr. Buetel's Class
What is the scientific method in order and what does each word mean? PMIHPOC
Purpose = what is ? / Materials = What you have? / Info = What you know? / Hypothesis = Educated guess / Procedure = Step by step testing / Observations = Listed data / Conclusion = Final evaluation
What is a variable?
Something that can be changed
What is a constant?
Something that is not changeable.
What is a controlled experiment?
a test of the effect of a single variable by changing it while keeping all other variables the same
What is a linear graph and what is it's equation?
mathematical illustration of identities with just a line either in its reverse or original form / y = mx + b
Identify a non- linear graph.
It's everything else on a linear graph.
What are the five basic metric units for mass?
Meter, gram, liter, temperature, & byte.
How do you convert kilograms to pounds?
x2 = mental / x2.2 = exact
How do you convert meters to feet?
x3 = mental
How do you convert km to miles?
divide by 2 = mental / multiply .6 = more exact
How do you convert Farhenheit to Celsius?
-30 divide by 2 = metal / -32 divied by 1.8 = exact
What is the metric line from Kilo to Milli with the full words?
giga, mega, kilo, hecto, deca, basic unit, deci, centi, milli
How do you convert metric to metric..... 5 kg = _____g?
Use metric line and count how many time you move it over.
What are the three pieces of lab equipment used in the lab?
Graduated cylinder for volume, meter stick for distance, and balance for weight.
How do you convert Celsius to Farhenheit?
x2 and +30 / x1.8 and +32 for exact
What are a Giga and a Mega worth?
billion / million