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  1. Who directed the American troops in South Vietnam?
  2. _______ became the Largest welfare program since the New Deal
  3. The first black associate justice appointed to the supreme Court.
  4. During the _________, in 1968 north vietnamese troops took over some areas of south vietnam, they were pushed back.
  5. In what year did president Johnson send the first combat troops to south Vietnam?
  1. a The Great Society
  2. b 1965
  3. c William Westmoreland
  4. d Tet Offensive
  5. e Thurgood Marshall

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  1. The Gateway Arch
  2. Barry Goldwater
  3. Malcolm X
  4. 24th Amendment
  5. Robert Weaver

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  1. prohibited discrimination in renting or selling houses1964 Civil Rights Act


  2. granted the first direct federal funding for public schools.1964 Civil Rights Act


  3. _________ was completed in 1964 and became the world's longest single-span suspension bridge.The Gateway Arch


  4. Martin Luther King insisted on what to end racial discrimination?nonviolent demonstrations


  5. those soft toward communismDoves


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