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  1. designed to provide medical care for the elderly under the Social Security system.
  2. ________ was based on the belief that man had the ability to eradicate all war, disease, poverty, injustice, and ignorance.
  3. Johnson addressed unemployment by proposing a national _________________ - a massive federal program that called for the creation of new jobs and the building up of economically depressed areas
  4. FBI director _______ stepping up surveillance of communist sympathizers on college campuses and protesters.
  5. Federal grants for the construction of college buildings and ensured students loan.
  1. a The Great Society program
  2. b "War on Poverty"
  3. c Medicare Act of 1965
  4. d Higher Education Act
  5. e J. Edgar Hoover

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  1. Malcolm X
  2. Tet Offensive
  3. Verrazano-Narrows
  4. Hawks
  5. 1965

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  1. those soft toward communismJames Earl Ray


  2. outlawed poll taxes for national elections24th Amendment


  3. _________ was completed in 1965 in St. Louis, Missouri and was cited as one of the modern seve wonders of the world.The Gateway Arch


  4. intended to raise the standard of living in the Appalachian Mt. region.Appalachian Development Act


  5. Who hit his 600th home run?James Earl Ray