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  1. designed to provide medical care for the elderly under the Social Security system.
  2. What was the world's largest submarine that completed the first round the world voyage entirely under sea?
  3. a black separatist group
  4. Who hit his 600th home run?
  5. Who killed MLK?
  1. a Medicare Act of 1965
  2. b Willie Mays
  3. c James Earl Ray
  4. d the USS Triton
  5. e Black Panthers

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  1. Wilt Chamberlain
  2. Thurgood Marshall
  3. Sealab 2
  4. 1965
  5. Appalachian Development Act

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  1. Federal grants for the construction of college buildings and ensured students loan.Elementary and Secondary Education Act


  2. (SA) Why was the US military unable to win the Vietnam war?William Westmoreland


  3. Johnson addressed unemployment by proposing a national _________________ - a massive federal program that called for the creation of new jobs and the building up of economically depressed areasWilliam Westmoreland


  4. The media portrayed Goldwater as a _______.Doves


  5. During the _________, in 1968 north vietnamese troops took over some areas of south vietnam, they were pushed back.Six Day War