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  1. prohibited racial discrimination in public places
  2. Who considered Martin Luther King's methods too slow and peaceful?
  3. Martin Luther King insisted on what to end racial discrimination?
  4. Who urged a return to a Constitutional system of limited government?
  5. Who killed MLK?
  1. a Barry Goldwater
  2. b 1964 Civil Rights Act
  3. c nonviolent demonstrations
  4. d James Earl Ray
  5. e Malcolm X

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  1. Sealab 2
  2. Tet Offensive
  3. 1965
  4. extremist
  5. Robert Weaver

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  1. FBI director _______ stepping up surveillance of communist sympathizers on college campuses and protesters.J. Edgar Hoover


  2. outlawed poll taxes for national elections24th Amendment


  3. What was the world's largest submarine that completed the first round the world voyage entirely under sea?the USS Triton


  4. ___ poured large amounts of money into inner cities to improve housing and living conditionsHUD


  5. strengthened precious voting rights and laws and the number of African Americans registered to vote increased by 40%Elementary and Secondary Education Act


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