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  1. ___ poured large amounts of money into inner cities to improve housing and living conditions
  2. (SA) Why was the US military unable to win the Vietnam war?
  3. He became the first African American cabinet officer as the head of HUD.
  4. _______ became the Largest welfare program since the New Deal
  5. Who considered Martin Luther King's methods too slow and peaceful?
  1. a HUD
  2. b Malcolm X
  3. c the government tried to run the war instead of letting the military take control and because of the media
  4. d Robert Weaver
  5. e The Great Society

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  1. "War on Poverty"
  2. Barry Goldwater
  3. the hippie movement, free love, drugs, protests
  4. Six Day War
  5. the USS Triton

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  1. prohibited discrimination in renting or selling housesFair Housing Act


  2. Martin Luther King insisted on what to end racial discrimination?nonviolent demonstrations


  3. supported the fight against communismDoves


  4. The first black associate justice appointed to the supreme Court.William Westmoreland


  5. designed to provide medical care for the elderly under the Social Security system.Appalachian Development Act