Wordly Wise Book 7 Lesson 6

15 terms by straus

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A person with a very strong desire for something that is habit-forming and sometimes harmful; a person who is an enthusiastic fan; to cause someone to have a very strong desire for something


To have a strong desire to get or d something; to seek


A preference that prevents one from being impartial; prejudice; to cause someone to have prejudice; to influence


Very obvious in an offensive or shameless way


Expressed honestly and without holding back unpleasant truths


To stand up to; to face boldly; to put or bring face to face


A first public appearance; To make a first public appearance


To sign up to become a member of some group or activity; to register


To make nervous, embarrassed, or confused


Freedom from being harmed or punished


To increase; to strengthen or deepen


To frighten, especially by threatening someone


Very unpleasant; disgusting


To answer, especially in a quick or clever way; a quick or clever reply


A period of time devoted to a job or some task; a limit or restriction; to limit or restrict

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