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William Byrd "Sing Joyfully"

The text of "Sing Joyfully" comes from ____________________.

the Book of Psalms.

William Byrd's "Sing Joyfully" has a _____-voice texture.


William Byrd's "Sing Joyfully" is an anthem, best described as ___________________

an English sacred choral work.

What style describes the singing of these unaccompanied performers?

a cappella

Imitative counterpoint is a technique in which ____________________

one voice starts to sing alone, followed by other voices that imitate the first

When a new line of text and music begins before the previous one has come to a complete stop, it is called ____________________.

an elided cadence.

With the words "Blow the trumpet," the singing voices create ____________________.

word painting

The anthem and the motet were both uncommon musical genres during the Renaissance.


subtle example of word painting occurs in the declamatory way the following words are sung:

"for this is a statute for Israel."

Most choirs in the Renaissance era contained both male and female singers.


William Byrd set down eight reasons why people should ____________________.

learn how to sing

Unlike Queen Elizabeth I, William Byrd was ____________________.


William Byrd's "Sing Joyfully" is a sacred piece that he called _________________

an anthem

Sing Joyfully" is an example of a cappella choral music because it is ____________________.

sung with multiple singers per part without accompaniment.
Correct Answer:

Which statement best describes the form of "Sing Joyfully"?

Each new section of text gets its own musical idea.

How do you know that the singers are using imitative counterpoint?

because the first voice part begins and is then joined by the second part imitating the first

How does Byrd prevent all the voices from sounding jumbled together?

Each voice part has its own range.

Musical idea A is introduced, but after about 20 seconds a new musical idea, B, begins before A is finished. What does this create?

an elided cadence

Word painting can be subtle, as in Byrd's "Sing Joyfully."


Two examples of word painting in "Sing Joyfully" occur with a ______ and a _______.

trumpet; proclamation

The fact that Byrd wrote a lot of music for Protestant services helped him avoid the fate of many other Catholics in England.


Despite his talent and success, what aspect of Byrd's life caused him problems?

his Catholic faith

Why were women not allowed to sing in Renaissance-era church choirs?

It was thought women might distract the men.

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