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Madonna Enthroned - Cimabue

Madonna and Child Enthroned - Giotto

The Raising of Lazarus- Giotto

Lamentation - Giotto

Entry into Jerusalem - Duccio

Annunciation - Martini

Allegory of Good Government - Lorenzetti

Well of Moses - Sluter - Gothic

February - Limbourg Brothers - Bergundian (International)

Hell - Limbourg Brothers - Bergundian (International)

August - Limbourg Brothers - Bergundian (International)

Oseberg Animal Head - Animal Style/Early Medieval

Sutton Hoo Burial Purse Lid - Animal Style/Early Medieval

Book of Kells - animal style (early medieval)

Lindisfarne Gospel - animal style (early medieval)

Lindau Gospel - Carolingian

Ebbo Gospel St. Matthew - Carolingian

Gero Crucifix - Ottonian

Notre Dame de Grande - Romanesque

St. Sernin, Toulouse - Romanesque

Prophet Isaiah, Souillac - Romanesque

Last Judgement - Romanesque

Bayeux Tapestry - Romanesque

Cathedral of Amiens - Gothic

Cathedral of Notre Dame - Gothic

Cathedral of Cologne - Gothic

Abraham and Melchizedek - Gothic

Ekkehardt and Uta - Gothic

Crucifix - Cimabue

Christ Entering Jerusalem - Giotto

April - Limbourg Brothers - Burgundian (International)

Sainte Chapelle - Gothic

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