First Aid

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Immediate care given to a person with an illness or injury before rescuers arrive
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life-threatening condition that occurs when the body's vital organs are not getting enough blood; most often occurs as a result of losing a large amount of bloodshocklow body temperature caused by prolonged exposure to the coldhypothermiapart of the body is cut or torn offamputationtype of head injury that may occur when the head or body is hit so hard that the brain moves inside the skullconcussionoccurs when blood flow to part of the heart muscle is blocked by a clotheart attackmain symptom of most heart attacksdiscomfort/pain/pressure in the center of the chestsymptoms of low blood sugarconfusion, sweating, sleepyfirst aid for bleeding that is not life-threateningdirect pressure over the woundfirst aid for a nosebleedapply pressure over the nostrils and have the person lean forwardfirst aid for a person suspected of having a heart attackgive an aspirin (if they can take aspirin), call 911, stay with the person until 911 arrivesfirst aid for a burnrun cool water over the burned area for at least 10 minutessymptoms of an allergic reactionitching, rash/hives, stuffy nosecauses of low blood sugarvomiting, skipping meals, taking too much insulinwarning signs of a strokefacial drooping, speech difficulty, arm weaknessfirst aid for shockhelp the person lie down on their back and keep them warmcorrectly immobilizing an bone/joint injuryimmobilize the joint above and the joint below the injurywarning signs of a concussionheadache, double vision, loss of memoryfirst aid for a snake biteremove tight clothing and jewelry, gently wash area, keep the person still and calm