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  1. the most widely spoken language in Brazil is
  2. to extend to other or all parts of the globe or make worldwide
  3. this house style became popular in the 1960s
  4. shiites compromise about what percent of Islamic people
  5. little wine is produced in Asia simply because...
  1. a It's simply not part of their cultural tradition
  2. b Portuguese
  3. c 16%
  4. d neo--eclectic
  5. e globalization

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  1. Christianity
  2. crude birth rate
  3. projection
  4. contemporary
  5. part of Germanic language branch

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  1. sunnis compromise what percent of Islamic people83%


  2. what is the frequency with which something exists within a given unit of areadensity


  3. the total number of people divided by the total land areaarithmetic density


  4. what is a pallero or coyotesunni and shiite


  5. diffusion of TV is from what countriessunni and shiite


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