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  1. the highest concentration of golf courses are found in what region of the United States
  2. what is the boundary that separates regions in which different language uses predominate
  3. this was a modern style type of house
  4. what is the frequency with which something exists within a given unit of area
  5. English is different today from German because
  1. a the Normans conquered England in 1066
  2. b North Central states from Kansas to North Dakota
  3. c contemporary
  4. d isogloss
  5. e density

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  1. first: low growth, second: high-growth, third: moderate growth, fourth: low growth
  2. counterurbanization
  3. medical revolution
  4. a smuggler
  5. diffusion of popular culture's

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  1. what is the total number of live births in the year for every 1000 people live in a societycrude birth rate


  2. this house style became popular in the 1960scontemporary


  3. the ratio of the number of farmers to the total amount of land suitable for agricultureagricultural density


  4. what are laws that are no longer in effect in south Africa that physically separated different races into different geographic areastoponym


  5. what is the system used to transfer locations from Earth's surface of flat maptoponym