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Sculpture Movie Quiz

3 movie quiz
the beginning of the 20th century saw what new art movement (ism) come out of Russia?
What was the method used in this new movement?
Marcel Duchamp introduced the world to what new style of art that had a huge impact on modern art?
Marcel Duchamp was a pioneer in what international art movement?
The next movement to come out of Da-Da was?
Surrealism---explains subconscious
Juan Miro was a __________
Spanish surrealist
Surrealism attempts to explore what state of consciences?
Calders two "types" of work he called what?
mobile, staybile
Alberto Giacometti's main subject matter was?
wife and brother
Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth used what process to create sculptures?
Post WWII artist Joseph Buoys started what new "non-material" type of art that is closer to drama?
The New Realists owe their use of everyday objects to what artist?
Marcel Duchamp
Anthony Caro worked in what material?
David Smith worked in what material?
What mid-century event brought artists to the US and New York?
Louise NEvelson worked in what material?
Mark di Survo worked in what material?
Isamu Nogugchi employed what method to make sculpture?
stone carving
Artists like George Rickey employ what additional dimension to their sculptures?
Movement, Time
George Segal covered models with what material to make the figures in his installations?
plaster guaze
Claus Oldenberg took familiar objects and did what with them?
Enlarged them
Christo was known for doing what to objects and landscapes?
Wrapping them
Robert Smithson's famous earthwork piece in the Great Salt Lake is called
Spiral Jetti