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Double Click Format Painter
It allows you to copy the formats multiple times.
Highlighted Text
It draws the reader's attention to important information.
Font size
They are measured with points.
Font size 12 and 14
These font sizes should be used for most correspondences and reports.
Format painter
It allows you to copy formats.
The highlighted text appears in shades of gray
When a document is printed with highlighted text, it appears this way.
Show/Hide Marks
When this icon is clicked, nonprinting symbols and characters that indicate spaces, tabs, and hard returns can be viewed in the document.
Cut Command
This command removes the selected text from its current location.
This is used to go back and forth between open documents.
This command reverses actions in sequential order.
Title Case Option
Text that is formatted with this Option will capitalize the first letter of each word.
Moving text to a new location
There are several ways to do this: copy/paste; cut/paste; and dragging/dropping;
Ctrl + C
The keyboard shortcut for copying text.
Ctrl + Z
The keyboard shortcut for undo.
Ctrl + V
The keyboard shortcut for paste.
Ctrl + P
The keyboard shortcut for print.
Ctrl + A
The keyboard shortcut for select all.
Corrects errors as you type them.
This allows you to replace words with their synonyms.
Many different colors
Colors that are available for the highlight pen.
Serif Font
The body of the text should be shown in this font.
Serif Font
This Font has is a small line attached to the end of a stroke in a letter or symbol.
Describe Sans Serif Font
This Font is a font without serifs, from the French word sans, meaning "without".
Designer font (fancy font)
Use these fonts for brochures or posters.
The acronym used to describe that document on the screen looks like the printout. (It means What You See Is What You Get)
Times New Roman
This is a good font for the body of a research paper.
True or False: You should always select the text to be affected before making a formatting change.
True or False: Serif fonts have lines at the top and bottom of each letter.
True or False: The format painter copies text and formatting to a new location.
True or False: The formatting buttons and shortcut keys (bold, italic and underline) work as toggles, turning formatting on and off.
Ctrl + B
Bolds text that has been selected.
Ctrl + U
Underlines text that has been selected.
Ctrl + I
Italicizes text that has been selected.
True or False: A 12 or 18 point font is appropriate for most business documents.
True or False: Text effects only appear onscreen, not in printout.
True or False: Using all caps is the best way to emphasize text.
The style of type used for text.
This font has tiny flourishes on each character.
Sans Serif
This font has a clean look, making it better suited for short blocks of text, such as titles and headings.
Format Painter
You can copy existing text formats by using this function ensuring consistency in formatting.
True or False: After you choose the paste command, position the insertion point where you want the text located.
True or False: AutoCorrect fixes all typos for you.
True or False: You can move text by dragging it to a new location.
The Undo Command
The quickest way to reverse the most recent action performed in a document is to use this Command.
To reverse actions you have undone, click this button or icon on the toolbar.
An Object
A non-text item, such as clip art, is called this.
Office Clipboard
When you cut or copy text, the text is placed on this.
When you do this to information or text, you can remove it from one area and insert it in another location.
A list of words with similar meanings that can be found in a thesaurus.
Paste Button
The final step to moving text is clicking the this button.
Auto Correct Function
This function corrects errors "on the fly".
Flag/my computer/yourname
There are two ways to open a file. One way is to open the program it was made in. What is the other way?
You should use enter when you:
Finish a paragraph
You should not use the space bar
To indent paragraphs
Backup means
An extra copy of a document, file or program
Wavy red lines indicate:
A spelling error
You can move through a table by
Using the tab key, using the arrow keys, or by using the mouse
You can put clip art in your document by selecting which tab?
When resizing a picture or clip art which sizing handles do you want to use to keep the picture in proportion?
A corner sizing handle
When formatting a picture or clip art for the text wrap, which one would you choose to allow the picture to be right next to the text?
Right alignment creates:
Text with straight edge on the right with ragged edge on the left
Left alignment creates:
Text with straight edge on the left with ragged edge on the right
Center alignment creates:
Text with ragged edges on both the right and the left.
Text that is justified creates:
Text with straight edges on both the right and the left.
What kind of words does spell check not catch?
Names & Homonyms
A Cell is:
The box where a column & row intersect
The parts of the computer system that you can touch
The chip which is the brains of the computer. Also known as the processor.
Takes a picture of something and digitizes it.
Millions of computers around the world connected to each other.
To change the orientation of a page to landscape, I would choose:
The Page Layout Tab