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who wrote stolen day?

Sherwood Anderson

What stole the narrators day?

his need for attention

when did the narrator first experiance the symptoms of his "disease"?

when he sees Walter

what was the first indication that the narrator is creating his symptoms?

the first line- when he gets out of the teachers view

whats the relationship between the narrator and his mother?

they have a normal relationship, the narrator wants more attention from her.

why does the narrator have a death fantasy?

he wants his mom to pay more attention to him than anyone else.

What makes his worst fear come true at the end of the story?

when he tells everyone that he thinks he had inflammatory rheumatism and they laugh at him.

did the narrator have the disease or not?

he didn't really have it but he made himself believe that he did.

why is the story called, "Stolen Day"

because of getting better as he thought his day would be, it just got worse all because of his need for attention.

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