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  1. Flagella
  2. Multicellular organisms
  3. Mitochondria
  4. Robert Hooke
  5. Chloroplasts
  1. a cell organelle that converts the chemical energy stored in food into compounds that are more convenient for the cell to use (cellular respiration)
    - have own DNA;
  2. b organelles that capture the energy from sunlight and convert it into chemical energy in a process called photosynthesis
  3. c Hairlike structures contained in some prokaryotic cells to help them move
  4. d Organisms made up of more than one cell
  5. e The first person to describe cells

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  1. No. Most are but some are unicellular such as amoebas and yeast
  2. Concluded that plants are made of cells
  3. Cells get energy by breaking down food in this process
    -oxygen is used to release the energy in food
  4. Structure and function
  5. Membrane-bound organelle that packages and distributes proteins for cell.

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  1. Cell Theorytough, rigid, outer coverings that protect the cell and give it shape and surrounds cell membrane


  2. Cell's functionThe arrangement of its parts


  3. CytoskeletonThe region enclosed by the cell membrane that includes the fluid and all of the organelles of the cell


  4. Most, but not all, organelles have a ----------Animals, plants, protists and fungi


  5. DNA is contained where in prokaryotic cells?In the cytoplasm