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  1. Anton van Leeuwenhoek
  2. Unicellular organisms
  3. Matthias Schleiden
  4. Cell Theory
  5. Ribosomes
  1. a Contained in prokaryotic cells; no membrane;

    ⭕️⭕️small round structures that make proteins by putting together chains of amino acids using instructions encoded in the cell's DNA
  2. b Organisms made of only one cell
  3. c Concluded that plants are made of cells
  4. d Made drawings of organisms he observed. 1673
  5. e 1. All organisms are made up of one or more cells
    2. The cell is the basic unit of all organisms
    3. All cells come from existing cells

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  1. Organisms made up of more than one cell
  2. directs all cell activities and is separated from the cytoplasm by a membrane
  3. No
  4. Membrane-bound organelle that packages and distributes proteins for cell.
  5. The region enclosed by the cell membrane that includes the fluid and all of the organelles of the cell

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  1. Organellesany living thing- all organisms are made up of cells


  2. Eukaryotic cells can differ from each other depending on their what?Structure and function


  3. Most, but not all, organelles have a ----------Membrane


  4. Characteristics of Living Things:⭕️made up do cells
    ⭕️ability to change, respond to environment
    ⭕️able to reproduce
    ⭕️can grow and develop
    ⭕️need energy (sun-plants; food-animals)
    ⭕️need water
    ⭕️need air
    ⭕️homeostasis (internal balance)


  5. CytoskeletonNetwork of protein filaments that gives shape and support to cells-
    -involved in cell division and movement