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  1. Metonymy
  2. Satire
  3. Pun
  4. Ellipsis
  5. Conceit
  1. a the omission of a word or phrase which is grammatically necessary but can be deduced from the text
  2. b the use of humor to emphasize human weaknesses or imperfections
  3. c a play on words often achieved through the use of words with similar meanings
  4. d a fanciful, particulary clever extended metaphor; an elaborate or unusual comparison especially one using unlikely metaphors, similes, hyperboles, and contradiction.
  5. e substituting the name of an object for another object closely related

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  1. questions that are not requiring a ture answer
  2. a reference to something lieterary mythological or historical that the reader will recognize
  3. a word formed by an imitation of sounds
  4. using one part of an object to represent the entire object
  5. a direct comparison of two different items

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  1. Asyndetonthe use as a rhetorical effect too many conjunctions


  2. Parallelismthe use of correspnding grammatical or syntactical form


  3. Anaphoraa direct comparison of two different items


  4. Imperativenoting or pertaining to the mood of the verb


  5. Absolutea word free from limitations; extremes