Survey of Human Diseases Final Exam

hydatidiform mole is considered to be benign.
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BRCA 1and 2 increase the risk of breast cancer but not the risk of ovarian cancerfalsegrows by invasionbreast cancer"the shot" is considered a barrier contraceptionfalsephosphodiesterase prolongs the action of cGMPfalseA grandmother is a first degree relativefalsemay cause breast tendernessfibrocystic breast tissueunopposed estrogen refers to the absence of progesterone oppositiontruenever being pregnant can increase the risk of breast cancertrueon exam may have a smooth surfacefibroadenomaosteoporosis is an increase in bone densityfalseuterine fibroids are cancerousfalsebreast cancer most commonly occurs in the inner lower quadrant of the breastfalsepreeclampsia is hypertension, protein in the urine and seizuresfalseendometriosis can cause infertilitytruea cystadenocarcinoma is a benign tumor of the ovaryfalse"the shot" contains estrogen and progesteronefalsea digital rectal exam for men after age 50 is recommended as a screen for prostate cancertruegrows by expansionfibroadenomaPCOS is a risk factor for cancer of the endometriumtrueerythroblastosis fetalis occurs when the mother is Rh positive and the babe is Rh negativefalsecGMP cause vasodilation of the penile arteriestruechoriocarcinoma is a malignant cancer of the placenta, testes, and ovariestruesumptoms of BPH includeall of the aboveectopic pregnancies can be life threateningtrueABO incompatibility can occur in the first pregnancytrueInfluenced by the hormone cyclefibrocystic breast tissuethe first half of the normal 28 day menstrual cycle has estrogen and progesterone presentfalsebreast cancer cell hormone receptors cannot be treated with medicationfalseHPL is measured in pregnancy testsfalseDUB most commonly occurs in older womenfalsemenopause is 6 month without a periodfalseabruptio placenta is low placenta implantationfalseAs a woman ages, the ovaries produce less _____, causing cessation of ovulation and menstruationestrogen and progesteronethe etiology of syphilis is the ___ treponema pallidumgram negative spirochere bacteriumthe ____ secrete a clear fluid that serves as a lubricant for sexual intercourse and neutralizes the acidity of residual urine in the urethra.bulbourethral glandsgenital HSV-2 infection is more common in ___womenwhich of the following male reproductive diseases may be caused by psychological or physical factorsEDdiagnosis of ____ is based on increased blood pressurepreeclampsiatestosterone secretion begins approximately 2 months after conceptiontruethe etiology of fibroid tumors is ___idiopathicthe ___ secrete a thick, yellowish fluid that nourishes and activates spermseminal vesiclesthe most common symptom of endometriosis is ____pelvic painpelvic inflammatory diseases refers to an infection of the organs in the pelvic cavitytrueectopic pregnancies cannot continue to term, so the pregnancy must be terminatedtruewomen are born with a fixed number of immature ovatruelate syphilis can occur ___ years after the infection was first acquired10 to 15women are encouraged to get an ovarian cancer screening test prior to their first pregnancyfalsewhich of the following is not produced by the ovaries?testosteronewomen who smoke are twice as likely as nonsmokers to get cervical cancertrue____ has slow onset of signs and symptoms resembling acute bacterial prostatitis that wax and wanechronic bacterial prostatitisthe nephron is the function unit of the kidneytrueuremia is a manifestation of renal failuretrueglomerulonephritis is an inflammation of the glomerulus and may occur because antigen-antibody complexes collect within the glomerulitruerenin is secreted by adrenal glandsfalsealdosterone will raise blood pressuretrueerythropoietin is secreted by the kidneystruekidneys synthesize BUNfalserenin converts angiotensin I to angiotensin IIfalsenephrosclerosis is a complication of hypertensiontruealdosterone increased the absorption of sodium from the kidney tubulestrueurosepsis is typically just treated with antibiotics while urinary tract infections may require antibiotics plus other treatments such as vasopressors and possible surgeryfalseurosepsis can result in all of the following symptoms/complications exceptlarge quantities of urine production (excess urine)men are at an increased risk for urinary tract infections and urosepsis because men have longer urethrafalseit is safer to drink 2 glasses of beer than it is to take 2 shots of liquor while on ibuprofenfalsethe severity of the side effects from taking ibuprofen while drinking alcohol are influenced by the quantity of alcohol consumed and the dosage of the ibuprofen takentruewhich of the following explains why people should avoid taking alcohol and ibuprofen together?all of the abovealbumin in the urine can indicate ___ of the urinary tract, particularly the glomeruliinflammationmedullary sponge kidney disease is present at birth, but it is usually asymptomatic until adulthoodtruechronic kidney disease is also related to long-term use of acetaminophenfalseone of the symptoms of pyelonephritis is sudden back pain that spreads over the abdomentrueADH is produced by the posterior pituitary glandtrueacromegaly is caused by hyposecretion of growth hormonefalslecushing syndrome may be caused iatrogenicallytrueprolactin is produced by the posterior pituitary glandfalseJFK had Addison's diseasetrueprolactin level is controlled by a stimulatory factorfalsegestational diabetes may cause macrosomic infantstruethe thyroid gland functions with a negative feedback mechanismtruetype 1 diabetes can present with hypersmolar comafalsecushing syndrome can occur with over secretion of corticosteroidstruetype 2 diabetes can present with ketoacidotic comafalsethe thyroid gland contains the parathyroid glandtrueaccording to the article on "diabetes and fat" how do researchers think the enzyme PK C EPSILON could lead to diabetesby acting on insulin receptors to inhibit the activity of insulinsandra is trying to remember which type of medication she is on for her grave's disease. she remembers her doctor told her she could take it orally and that it would make her thyroid gland smaller but might have very small increased cancer risks. based on that, you know it was most likely which of the following?a radioactive iodine therapygrave's disease happens when the immune system produces antibodies that cause the pituitary gland to produce too little TSH, which then causes the thyroid gland to produce too few hormonesfalseerin is worried that she might have grave's disease. which of the following are tests that the physician may run to determine if she has the diseaseboth a and b are correctgrowth hormone, also known as ___, affects all parts of the body by promoting growth of tissues and bonesomatotropininsulin and glucagon work antagonistically to each othertrueanencephaly is incompatible with lifetruean ischemic stroke cannot be treated with the lazarus procedurefalseALS affects control of the muscles needed to move, speak, eat and breathetruewhich statement is incorrect concerning parkinson's diseaseis also known as lou gehrig's diseaselower motor damage causes a spastic paralysisfalseepilepsy is a disorder of the CNS in which nerve cell activity in the brain becomes disrupted, causing seizurestruea TIA is a warning stroketruesubarachnoid space contains cerebrospinal fluidtruemost common cause of hemmorrhagic stroke is hypertensiontrueopen neural tube defects can be diagnosed in uterotruethe peripheral nervous system is divided into spinal nerves and cranial nervestruealzheimer's disease is associated with amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tanglestruebacterial meningitis can be deadlytruebasic unit of the nervous systemneuronalzheimer's disease is characterized by a build up of sticky beta-amyloid proteins in the neurons of the brain which disrupts neuron signaling and leads to symptoms of the diseasetruemichael's grandmother was recently diagnosed with parkinson's disease. he comes to you for some basic information about the disease. all of the following would be true statements you could tell him exceptlevodopa is a stem cell therapy for parkinson's diseasehow would stem cell technology potentially help people with parkinson's diseaseby allowing for the patient's own cells to be reprogrammed into new dopamine producing nerve cells that could be transplanted to replace the damaged cells and treat the diseaseissues with the initial stem cell therapy included ethical issues as well as issues with transplant rejectiontruethere are two types of cardiac arrhythmias, supraventricular and ventriculartruethe superior and inferior ___ deliver systemic blood to the right atriumvenae cavaethe most common cause of arteriosclerosis is atherosclerosistruea fibrous ____ is characterized by accumulation of lipids and formation of scar tissue that begins as a white gray thickening of the inner lining of the arteryatheromatous plaquethe supraventricular arrhythmias do not include arrhythmias generated in theventricular conduction systemthe pericardium is adouble-layered membrane that encloses the heartchronic venous insufficiency is a conduction of poor venous blood return to the lower extremitiesfalsein _____, artery walls thicken and become hard and inflexiblearteriosclerosisaspirin helps reduces the stickiness of plateletstruethe left atrium receives blood from the inferior vena cavafalsethe mitral valve can be damaged by rhematic heart diseasetruesystole is when the ventricles relaxfalsein the fetal heart the foramen ovale is a communication betweenthe atriaangina pectoris is treated with nitroglycerintruethe endocardium is the outer layer of the heartfalsea high HDL is beneficialtrueprolapse mitral valve is when the mitral valve prolapses into the right atriumfalsethe mitral valve is between the right atrium and the right ventriclefalsethe cardiac conduction system originates in the purkinje fibersfalseThe complete chromosomal composition of the nucleus is called?karyotypesickle cell anemia is an ____ disorderautosomal recessivecystic fibrosis affects the glands that secrete mucus, leading to recurrent, severe respiratory infections and gastrointestinal disorderstruea down syndrome child is always mentally impaired to some degreetruealbinism is an ___ disorderautosomal recessiveif two of the same allele is inherited, the person is homozygous for that traittruein a person with klinefelter's syndrome, there isan extra x chromosomeif alleles are different, then a person is ____ for the trait that allele expressesheterozygouscongential diseases can be transmitted to offspringfalsedaughter cells are identical to the initial parent cell in mitosistruecurrently, 90% of genetic conditions are treated with gene therapy that repairs or replaces the DNA errorfalse_____ us a disorder in which abnormal hemoglobin causes deformed red blood cellssickle cell anemiamost children born with a congenital disease like spina bifida have a genetic reason for the abnormalityfalseall conditions that are genetic are also hereditary, meaning they were always inherited from the individual's parentsfalsecharlotte does carrier screening when she is pregnant with her first child and the test results show she is a carrier for an autosomal recessive condition called maple syrup urine disease. based off your knowledge of carrier screening, what should you tell her?both you and your partner need to be carriers for the baby to develop the condition, so we can offer testing to the father of the baby to help determine the baby's riska "picture" of the chromosomes that can be used to identify people with chromosome abnormalities is called akaryotypeparticular viruses and bacteria can serve as carcinogenstruecolor blindness is a genetic condition that primarily affects men. which of the following is the best explanation for this observation?it is an x linked condition that displays sex linked inheritanceuncontrolled cell division is the result of ____ in genes that play a role in cell divisionmutationsmalignant tumors are generally graded on a scale of _____one to fourcancer is the _____ most common cause of death in the united statessecond___ cause uncontrolled cell division that may result in cancertumor suppressor genesmutation in the four genes that are responsible for the cell division can be ___inherited or acquiredbenign tumors have asmooth surface and are symmetricalimmunosuppressive medications decrease immune function and therefore decrease the risk for development of cancerfalse_____ is classifying a tumor based on its SIZE and the EXTENT of its spread.staging_____ is a scanning type of radiography that creates a three-dimensional picture of the inside of the body.CT (computed tomography)malignant tumors are staged todevelop a treatment planconjugated monoclonal antibodies are also referred to as tagged, labeled or loaded antibodies. These are monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) that are joined to a chemotherapy drug or to radioactive particletruesarcomas are cancers derived from epithelial cellsfalseprotooncogenes are genes that normally help cells growtruetobacco is a risk factor for cancertruein situ carcinoma may become invasivefalsebenign tumors grow by invasionfalseleukoplakia are white patches in the mouth that may be associated with cancertruewhich virus does not cause cancerhepatitis A