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L5: Unreal Past Conditionals

Look at what really happened and then make an 'if' sentence to talk about the imaginary (unreal) past.

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If it hadn't rained, we would have gone to the beach.
It rained, so we didn't go to the beach.
If she hadn't studied hard, she wouldn't have improved her English.
She studied hard, and she improved her English.
If he hadn't come to the U.S., he wouldn't have made many international friends.
He came to the U.S., and he made many international friends.
If I hadn't gotten up late, I wouldn't have missed my flight.
I got up late, and I missed my flight.
If he hadn't stayed up all night playing video games, he would have done well on the test.
He stayed up all night playing video games, so he didn't do well on the test.
If I hadn't gotten drunk at the party, I wouldn't have said so many silly things.
I got drunk at the party, and I said some silly things.
If he had worn a tie to the interview, he would have gotten a job.
He didn't wear a tie to the interview, and he didn't get the job.
If she hadn't traveled by himself, she wouldn't have been an independent person.
She traveled by herself, and she became an independent person.
If his parents hadn't supported him, he wouldn't have been able to go to college.
His parents supported him, and was able to go to college.
If he he hadn't driven his car, he wouldn't have gotten to school on time.
He drove his car, and he got to school on time.