vocab workshop - unit 9

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drudgery synonymstoil, labor, grinddrudgery antonymsplay, frolic, amusement, recreation, funenvoy(n.) a representative or messenger (as of a government)envoy synonymsambassador, emissary, ministerescalate(v.) to elevate; to increase in intensityescalate synonymsraise, ascend, mountescalate antonymsdecrease, lessen, descend, defuseexpedient(n.) a means to an end; (adj.) advantageous, usefulexpedient synonyms(n.) contrivance, device; (adj.) serviceableexpedient antonyms(adj.) inconvenient, untimely, disadvantageousfeign(v.) to pretendfeign synonymsfake, sham, affect, simulateflair(n.) a natural quality, talent, or skill; a distinctive styleflair synonymsbent, knack, gift, style, panacheflair antonymsinability, incapacitygrievous(adj.) causing sorrow or pain; seriousgrievous synonymspainful, heartrending, onerous, flagrantgrievous antonymsjoyful, uplifting, cheery, upbeat, comfortingheterogenous(adj.) composed of different kinds, diverseheterogenous synonymsmiscellaneous, mixed, variegatedheterogenous antonymsuniform, homogenous, of a piecehorde(n.) a vast number (as of people); a thronghorde synonymscrowd, mass, multitude, host, swarmhorde antonymsfew, handfulimpel(v.) to force, drive forwardimpel synonymsurge, push, spur, propel, inciteimpel antonymsdiscourage, check, restrain, curbincredulous(adi.) disbelieving, skepticalincredulous synonymsmistrustful, doubtingincredulous antonymsbelieving, trustfulinscribe(v.) to write or engrave; to enter a name on a listinscribe synonymsenroll, enlistinscribe antonymserase, rub out, delete, efface, obliteratemonologue(n.) a speech by one actor; a long talk by one personmonologue synonymssoliloquymonologue antonymsconversation, colloquyprognosisa forecast of the probable course and outcome of a disease or situationprognosis synonymsprojectionrasping(adj.) with a harsh, grating sound; (n.) a harsh soundrasping synonyms(adi.) scraping, abrasive, gravellyrasping antonyms(adj.) smooth, satiny, silkyrepugnant(adj.) offensive, disagreeable, distastefulrepugnant synonymshateful, odious, revolting, repulsiverepugnant antonymspleasing, attractive, tempting, wholesomescuttle(v.) to sink a ship by cutting holes in it; to get rid of something in a decisive way; to run hastily, scurry; (n.) a pailscuttle synonyms(v.) abandon, discard, scrap, ditch, dumpscuttle antonyms(v.) keep afloat, salvage, rescue, preserve