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What do you learn about Rose?

She is not ordinary. She has special powers.

Why does the author use slang in the dialogue?

It makes the characters seem real.

Why did Rose's parents call her Thunder Rose?

because thunder and lightning watched over her. she snored as loud as thunder

What is an example of exaggeration in the story?

She woke up hungry as a bear; she drank milk from the cow

What are the context clues to determine the meaning of punctuate.

to mark her name as a was black as pitch

How would you describe Rose?

She was skilled; skilled with metal and many others

What effect did Rose's lullaby have on Tater, the bull?

He fell asleep

Whay do you think Rose blushed when her ma praiser her for being clever?

She was embarassed.

What are some of Rose's accomplishments in this story?

skilled at making things with metal, staked fences, made a branding iron for pa, stopped thieves

What does steer mean?

bull or cattle

What problems did the lack of rain cause?

The steer wouldn't move, they were getting angry

"Ive got to do something about this", Rose declared. What does this tell you about Rose?

that she cared for the animals

What caused the storm? Why?

The clouds started it because they didnt' like being told what to do.

Why does the author use hyperbole (exaggeration) by saying" "Her eyes flashed lightining. She bit down and gnashed thunder from her teeth," instead of just saying she was angry?

It helps to show how angry she was

What problem did Rose face?

Two Tornados

how do you thing Rose felt as she facer her challenge?

weighted down, because they were coming from every direction. But she was confident and strong, even though she felt a little nervous too.

How was this challenge different from the other challenges Rose faced? How was it the same?

She wasn't sure of what to do, but she still had to be strong.

What do you thinkg Rose's voice had the effect it did on the Tornadoes?

She sang with the lightning in her veins.

What do you think the author means by the "bull's-eye that was set at the center of her heart" in the last sentence?

Challenges seem to head straight for Rose.

Why did Rose lasso the outlaws?

They were stealing her cattle

Why did Rose catch hold of the clouds?

She needed water for her cattle

What was so important about the lullaby that Rose's parents sang?

It was used to calm

What is the author's main purpose in this selection(writing this story)?

To Entertain. Amusing and Entertaining; told with exaggeration (bigger than life) (Tall Tale)

What is the Theme of this story?

You can solve any problem from your heart.

What does it mean whe Rose asks "Is this fork in the road with witch I have my final supper?"

She wonders if she will be destroyed

What are words that are spelled the same, but have different meanings?


What are the clue words that come before or after a word that you need to know what it means?

Context Clues

Why it happened?


What happened?


What was the name of her "thunderbolt" she made out of metal?


How old was she when she made the thunderbolt,Cole?

2 yrs old

How old was she when she staked a fence

5 years old

How old was she when she assembled iron beams together with wood blocks

8&9 years old

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