JROTC LET 1 Exam Study Guide

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What does JROTC stand for?
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What foot do you call the command Rear, March on?The right footOn which foot can you give command of halt?Either, as long as the command of preparation and execution are given on the same footWhat is normal cadence?120 steps per minuteWhat are the three branches of the government?Executive, Legislative, and JudicialName the five basic staff positions found in the Battalion?S1-Personnel and Administration S2-Information Security S3-Operations and Training S4-Logistics and Supply S5-Public InformationWhere is the unit crest worn on the Class A uniform?Centered 1/4 inch above the HUD starWhere are ribbons placed on the Class A uniform?Males-center ribbons 1/8 inch above left pocket Females-center on left side with bottom row parallel with bottom of name plateWhere do you place the name plate on the Class A uniform?Males-centered on right pocket between top of the button and top of pocket Female-on right side between 1 and 2 inches above the top buttonLoyaltyBears true faith and allegiance to the US Constitution, the Army, you Unit, and other soldierDutyfulfill your obligationsRespectTreat people as they should be treatedSelfless ServicePut the welfare of the Nation, the Army, and your subordinates before your ownHonorLive up to all of the Army ValuesIntegrityDo what is right, legally and morallyPersonal CourageFace fear, danger, or adversity (physical and moral)How many rings are authorized to be worn in the JROTC uniform and what are they?Two, Wedding ring and Class ringWho is the commander-in-Chief of all U.S. armed forces?Honorable President Barack H. Obamawhat is the Purpose of JROTC?To motivate young people to be better citizensName three things that military drill teachesDiscipline, Organization, Teamwork, Unit Pride, and Individual PrideWhat are the commands to align a platoon?Cover and RecoverWhat is the command for marching in place?Mark time MarchDefine leadershipThe art of influencing your team to accomplish a missionWhat do the colors on the American flag represent?Red: Hardiness and Valor Blue: Reverence and Loyalty White: Purity, Hope, and InnocenceWhat are the four rest positions?Parade Rest, Rest, Stand at Ease, At EaseName three traits of a leaderJudgment, Tact and KnowledgeDefine MotivationA mental feeling that prompts a person to actWhat are ethics?Principles or standards that guide an individual to do the right thingWhat are the three basic elements of a good command voice?Cadence, Tone, and SnapWhat is the formal communication system in JROTC called?The Chain of CommandDefine Moral courageThe courage to stand up for what you think is rightWhat is the command to release a squad/platoon/company?Squad/platoon/company dismissedWhat are the two prescribed formations of a squad?Line and ColumnWhat is the proper way to dispose of the U.S. flag?Burning itWhat is another name for the national anthem?The Star Spangled BannerWhat does LET stand for?Leadership Education Training