Settler Colonialism Ch1

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A book written in 1885 by Josiah Strong intended to promote domestic missionary activity in the American West. It may have encouraged support for imperialistic United States policy among American Protestants. He pleaded for more missionary work in the nation's cities, and for reconciliation to end racial conflict. He was one of the first to warn that Protestants (most of whom lived in rural areas or small towns) were ignoring the problems of the cities and the working classes. International Idea of the frontier.
A book by naval officer Alfred T. Mahan that argued that no nation could prosper without a large fleet of vessels engaged in international trade without the protection of a powerful navy operating from overseas bases. Mahan also stated that there was no longer a clear line between settled and unsettled land, and that Americans must "look forward" as the frontier no longer exists.
Queen Liliuokalani and the Annexation of HawaiiQueen Liliuokalani was the last ruler of Hawaii before the U.S. annexation of the Hawaiian Islands. The annexation occurred in 1893, when American planters overthrew her government and resulted in President Harrison submitting a treaty of annexation of Hawaii to the Senate. Harrison's successor, President Cleveland withdrew the treaty as Hawaiians didn't favor it. The Hawaiian Islands were finally annexed in July 1898, and a formal apology for the annexation of Hawaii was passed by President Clinton and Congress in 1993.