Old Testament Survey Quiz 1 - Leviticus

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What are five offerings presented in Leviticus?
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The following item is not a reason why the Day of Atonement was a most significant day on Israel's calendar: It was a day: 1. when the priests would go into the Most Holy Place and make atonement for all their sins 2. when the holy convocation began with the sound of a trumpet 3. when they would give themselves fully to penitence and humiliation 4. that pointed directly to Calvary and the whole redemptive work of Christ 5. toward which all looked eagerly2, when the holy convocation began with the sound of a trumpetWhat item was not included in the furniture of the Tabernacle?altar of offeringsAll of these blessings were added during the Year of Jubilee except:Vows were not obligatory.The most complete and significant of the five Levitical offerings was the:burnt offeringRedemption =PassoverComing of the Holy Spirit =PentecostAwakening of Isreal =TrumpetsIsrael's repentance and restoration =Day of AtonementMillennial restoration and rest =Tabernacles