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Spinal Cord/Brain Stem

Spinal Cord
Starts at foramen magnum and run to 2nd lumbar vertebrae
How many pairs of spinal nerves are there?
True Spinal Nerve
This is located at joining of anterior and posterior roots & right before the point where dorsal root rami comes off spinal nerve
Neck and Head
Spinal cord innervated entire body except
Afferent Nerves
Nerves take information back to spinal cord (via posterior horn)
Efferent Nerves
Nerves take information away from spinal cord (via anterior horn)
Conus Medullaris
The area where the spinal cord ends is called?
Filum Terminale
Pia mater that extends off conus medullris and attached to sacrum. Used to hold down the spinal cord.
Innervation of skin through spinal cord. Pattern normally originates during embryology
Lateral, Posterior, Anterior
what are the 3 funiculi the white matter of the spinal cord are organized into
Gracile Fasciculus
Bundle of axon fibers that carries sensory information from lower extremities back to spinal cord
Cuneate Fasciculus
Nerves that transmit information from upper extremities back to spinal cord.
Anterior White Commisure
Nerve fiber which cross midline of spinal cord carrying pain sensation and motor signals
Part of brain is made up of medulla, pons and midbrain
Cerebellum is connected to brainstem through connections called
Fiber tracts that connect one anatomical structure to another