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by susan wise bauer


trained singer and story teller, keeper of history since stories weren't written down


lived in Britain before the Romans invaded


great warrior from Celtic story


Giant that Craith had to fight to get his wife

3 celtic warriors

helped Craith, one with extreme hearing, one with extreme speed, one with extreme eyesight


groups of Celts each following a different king


Celtic tribal leader

Angles and Saxons

Barbarian tribes from across the North Sea
(Germany, Denmark)

North Sea

North of Britain (today: between England and Scotland)


comes from the word Angle

Anglo Saxons

people from England, Celts intermarried with Angles and Saxons

Scotland, Ireland, Wales

where the Celts ended up

Great Britain

England, Scotland, Wales

United Kingdom

Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Middle Ages or Dark Ages

called dark because there wasn't much written about what happened in the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms


Anglo Saxon hero, mightiest of men


king in Beowulf


monster in Beowulf

410 AD

the fall of Rome

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