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  1. Individuals have power when they are able to
  2. The term democracy was originally associated with
  3. The primary source of legitimate political authority in the United States is the
  4. The term participatory democracy applies most accurately to what society?
  5. By "authority" the authors mean
  1. a the right to use power
  2. b regimes that were as close as possible to Aristotle's definition "rule of many"
  3. c Constitution
  4. d get someone else to do their own intentions.
  5. e New England

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  1. elite
  2. A opportunity for genuine leadership competition
  3. elitist
  4. Alexander Hamilton
  5. When a circumstance is too complicated for the "average citizen" to understand.

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  1. The text notes a tendency for issues that one were ____ to become____.private, public


  2. The author cites the early presidential admin, the Civil War, and the New Deal, as examples of struggles overeven though most politicians are middle class, white Protestant men, the people are in charge and they have insisted on equality


  3. Compared with the 1950s, government's involvement in the everyday lives of Americans in the 1990s isA opportunity for genuine leadership competition


  4. Formal authority refers to a right to exercise power that id derived from aA opportunity for genuine leadership competition


  5. Today the U.S. federal income tax takes an average of what percent of taxpayers' income?21%