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print medianewspapers and magazinesanalyzeto look at something carefully by attention to its partssectora separate part of a society, group, or areabusiness communityIndividuals employed in local/area organizationscompetencies and skillsways of thinking about problems and behavioral skills in solving themnavigateto find one's waysupercomputerlargest and fastest computers, capable of storing and processing tremendous volumes of data.citizenshipthe way you conduct yourself as a member of the communitycritical lensea perspective or theoretical approach that provides a context for analysiscompetencythe ability to do something successfully or efficientlydiscriminate betweento recognize a difference between thingshigh-quality(adj) of a very good standardjunktrashdigital citizenshipNavigating the digital world safely, responsibly, and ethically.surveillanceclose watch over a person, group, or area; supervisionharvestedpicked or gatheredBig Datathe huge and complex data sets generated by today's sophisticated information generation, collection, storage, and analysis technologiesconsumer culturea culture in which personal worth and identity reside not in the people themselves but in the products with which they surround themselvesself-worthoverall value that one places on oneself as a personblended learningMix of traditional teaching techniques and e-learning techniques.thriveprosper; flourishfranklyhonestlyin a nutshellbriefly, in a few wordsliterallyactually; in fact; true in realityhighfalutinPompous or pretentiouscitizenryall citizens as a groupcivic engagementindividual and collective actions designed to identify and address issues of public concern