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The man is ____ to have mob connections, but so far no one has actually substantiated the allegation


During the eleven years of his "personal rule", King Charles I bypassed Parliament and ruled England by royal _______


The phonograph is but one of the wonderful new devices that sprang from the ____ mind of Thomas Edison, our most prolific inventor


American-style fast-food shops have gained such popularity all over the world that they are now truly _______


His constant use of the word fabulous, even for quite ordinary subjects is a(n) _____ that I could do without


The passing years lessened her physical vigor but in no way diminished the ____ of her judgment


I was so ______ by the oppressive heat and humidity of that awful afternoon that I could barely move


Music can often express a(n)_______ of mood or feeling that would be difficult to put into words


The ground in which those soldiers are buried was _______ by the blood they shed on it


Analysis will show that his "brilliant exposition" of how we can handle the pollution problem without cost to anyone is the merest ________


His________ sense of superiority dominated his personality in much the same way as his beetling brow dominates his face


The marathon not only brought in huge sums of money for Africa's starving masses but also ______ much sympathy for their plight


May I interrupt this abstruse discussion and turn your attention to more ____ matters-like what's for dinner?


You may have many good traits, but I do not admire your____ for borrowing things and failing to return them


The artist's sketch not only _____ the model's appearance accurately, but also captured something of her personality


"Your suspicion that I am constantly making fun of you behind you back is a mere____ of your overheated brain," I replied


There is quite a difference between the austere furnishings of my little apartment and the _________ accommodations of a luxury hotel.


He was a changed young man after he suffered the ________ of expulsion from West Point for conduct unbecoming a gentleman


Most people I know are so busy dealing with the ordinary problems of life that they have no time for ________ philosophical speculation


Beneath the man's cultivated manner and impeccable grooming there lurked the ____ mind of a brutal sadist

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