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a. commanders intent: state the commander's intent derived during the planning process. the commander gives his/her key tasks, purpose, and end state for the operation

b. concept of operations: should be based on the course of action statement from the military decision making proess
- directs the manner in which subordinate units cooperation to accomplish the mission, establish the sequence of actions the force will use to achieve the end state, uses the decisive, shipping, and sustaining method in the executing phase

* when an operation has two or more distinctly seperate phrases, designate "phrase" followed by the Roman numeral

c. scheme of movement and maneuver: describe the employment of maneuver units, including tasks for conducting decisive and shaping operations
1. scheme of mobility/counter mobility
2. scheme of battlefield obscuration
3. scheme of reconnaissance and surveillance
d. scheme of intell
e. scheme of fires
f. scheme of protection
g. stability operations
h. assessment
i. tasks to subordinate units: states mission or tasks for each maneuver unit that reports directly to HQ issuing the order
j. coordinating instructions
1. timeline
2. commander critical information requirements (CCIRs)
3 essential elements of friendly information (EEFIs)
4 fire support coordinating measures
5 airspace coordinating measures
6 rules of engagement
7 risk reduction control measures
8 personally recovery coordination measures
9 environmental considerations
10 themes and messages
11 other coordinating instructions