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What age does Linda find out she is a slave?
Who wrote Slave Girl?
Harriet Jacobs
Who does Linda have an affair with?
Mr. Sands
Where did Linda hide for a long time?
Aunt Martha's Attic
How long did she Hide?
7 years
How did Dr.Flint go bankrupt?
Spending money to go up north to catch Linda
Who is Dr. Flints son-in-law after Linda?
Mr. Dodge
Who is the only black women in the book with her own home?
Aunt Martha
Who is Linda's grandmother?
Aunt Martha
Who is Jealous of Linda being with Dr.Flint
Mrs. Flint
How is Mrs.Flint a hyporcrite?
She is a church women for her weak nerves and yet treats her slaves terribly
Who is the father of Linda's children?
What does Mr.Sands keep promising Linda but never does?
The freedom of her children
How does MrSands treat Dr.Flint
With kindness
Which Uncle runs away?
When Benjamin runs away what does that show Linda?
To give up family and community ties
Who are Linda's children?
Benny and Ellen
Who bought Uncle Phillip's freedom?
His mother, Martha
Which Uncle helps Linda to escape?
Uncle Phillip
William runs away from which master?
Who dies from Dr.Flints abuse?
Aunt Nancy
Who encouraged Linda's escape?
Who is the white benefactress?
Aunt Martha's friend who owns slaves and agreed to hide Linda for awhile.
Who is a slave of white benefactress?
Is Betty uneducated?
Yes, but is still smart
Who shows Aunt Martha the bright side of Williams escape?
Who is Linda's rightful owner
Emily Flint
Who signs letters to Linda to fool her?
Emily Flint
What happens when Mr.Dodge goes to the south
He becomes less shocked by slavery
What does Nicholas Flint share with his Father?
Attraction towards Linda
Who is Dr.Flints son?
Nicholas Flint
Who is Young Misses Flint?
Nicholas Flints wife who seems kind until she forces a old slave to eat grass
Who is Mr.Sands cousin who gives Ellen a home?
What does Linda not like about Mrs.Hobbs
She still treats her as property sending her on trips to the store and a bad education
Who tells Dr.Flint where Linda is in the north?
What does Mr.Thorne say about escaped slaves?
They will never feel safe
Who employs Linda in NYC
Mrs.Bruce #1
Who take Linda to England?
Why is Linda brought to England?
To help with the Bruce's baby while they visit family
Who buys Linda's freedom?
Mrs.Bruce #2
Who shows Linda she can be treated nice by white people?
Amy and Isaac Post
who are the Posts?
Abolitionist antislavery in Rochchester
Who does Linda meet in Philly?
Reverend and Mrs.Durham who are free blacks
What do the Durhams make Linda realize?
That slavery has kept her from a normal life like theres.
Who is Fanny?
A fugitive slave from the south who came up by boat.
What devastating moment did Fanny have to go through?
Seeing her children get sold.
Who Frees Aunt Martha?
Miss Fanny, Aunt Martha's master's sister
What slave does Linda see in NY from the south.
How does Luke get to New York?
He stole money from his dead master.
What does Luke's action reveal to Linda?
Of how slaves cannot be judged by the same moral standards as free citizens.
What made Harriet Jacobs release her story?
She thought it would help end slavery.
What is Harriet Jacobs alias?
Linda Brent
What happens when Linda's mother dies?
She lives with her mothers mistress.
What does her mothers mistress teach Linda?
How to read
How long does Linda stay with Dr.Flint
seven years
How long does Linda stay with her Mothers mistress?
3 years
What does Linda hope about her affair with Mr.Sands?
Dr.FLint will be disgusted and give her to him
Instead of Mr.Sands where is Linda sent to?
Mr.Flints field Plantation
What really wants Linda to escape?
That her children are treated badly at the Flints?
How do Benny and Ellen get to say with Martha?
Flint sells them to a man who represents Mr.Sands
What is the Pro and Con of the crawl space?
Linda can watch her children from there but she cannot sit or stand and becomes physically weak
Why does Mr.Sands go to Washington DC
He became a congress man
Who does Mr.Sands take to DC
Ellen to watch his newborn daughter
What does Linda fear Mr.Sands will do?
Sell her children to slave traders
How old is Ellen when she sees her mother again?
Where is Ellen living at 9?
Brooklyn NY
When Dr.Flint looks for Linda in NY where does she go?
Where does Linda reunite with Benny?
What does Dr.Flint say about the sale of benny and ellen?
That it wasn't real
Where does Benny go with William?
What school did Ellen go to after her bad one?
Boarding school
What makes Linda vulnerable of being a slave again?
The Fugitive Slave Act is passed by Congress
What did slavery do to slave holders?
Ruin their morals.
What does Linda believe about slave holders?
There aren't any good ones
Two examples of how Mr.Sands wasn't as good as we thought?
He never freed his own children and was willing to sell them for his own finacial problems
Linda's greatest dream?
To have a home with her family
What were white women purpose?
To be housewives
Are slave permitted to marry who they want?
When does Linda see her first master isn't a mother figure?
When she is sold like property in her will
Mrs.Flint did what to slaves despite being a christian
She'd order slaves to be whipped til they bleed and puke
made aunt nancy sleep on the floor infront of her door for convinace