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A system of controlling society


Ruled by a small group, based on wealth and ruling group controls military


Ruled by nobility, rule is inherited and social status and wealth support ruler's authority.


Ruled by Kings or Queens, rule by heredity and some claim divite right (God chose them to rule).

Direct Democracy (definition)

State ruled by its citizens, based on citizenship and majority rules.

Direct Democracy (race)

What the Greeks wanted in governmnet.


What Greek philosophers use.

What Greek philosophers believed

The universe is put together in an orderly way, subject to absolute and unchanging laws. People can understand through logic and reason.

Legacy of Greeks

Government with 3 branches and citizens participate and philosophy.

Republic (definition)

Form of government in which power is in the citizens and they elect leaders.

Republic (race)

What Rome wanted in government.

Twelve Tables

1st written laws for Rome (based upon reason)

Republican Government

Senate plus 2 assemblies (Rome)

Proven guilty

(Roman Law) Innocent until...

accuser rather than the accused.

Proof rested with the ___ than the ___(Rome)

set aside

Any law unfair can be (Rome)

held people accountable

Rome's legal code

Legacy of rome

Republic and Laws and Legal code applied to all people.

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