Biology 330 Exam 3 Vocab

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Saprotrophan organism that feeds on or derives nourishment from decaying organic matter.biotrophan organism that can live and multiply only on another living organismnecrotropha parasite that typically kills and obtains its energy from dead host cellsLichenOne or two species of fungi and an alga (or cyanobacterium) living in symbiotic associationMycorrhizaA symbiotic association between a fungus and the roots of a plant in which nutrients are transferred in both directionsMycosisAny infection caused by a fungusFISHFluorescent in Situ hybridizationMicrobial biofilmassemblage of microbial cells attached to a surface and enclosed in polysaccharide matrix secreted by the cellsBioremediationThe cleanup of oil, toxic chemicals, and other pollutants by organisms usually microorganisms