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Storm surge
__ presents the greatest threat to
areas situated near the water.
___ A statement issued by the National Hurricane Center in Coral Gables, concerning the status of tropical storms and hurricanes.
A public release from the National Hurricane Center during periods between advisories, announcing the latest details.
Gale Warning:
A warning for winds expected to occur within the range of 39 - 54 miles per hour and warnings may precede or accompany a hurricane watch.
Tropical Storm Warning
A warning for winds expected to occur within the range of 39 - 73 miles per hour. and warnings may precede or actually accompany a hurricane watch.
Hurricane Watch
It is a statement by the National Hurricane Center that a hurricane is near and that attention should be given to subsequent advisories. It also implies the possibility of dangerous conditions within 24 to 48 hours.
Hurricane Warning
A statement by the National Hurricane Center that
hurricane-force winds in excess of 73 miles per hour or a combination of dangerously high water and rough seas are expected in a specified coastal area. When a issued, hurricane conditions are considered imminent and may begin within the next 24 hours.
Storm Surge:
This phenomenon is without question the most dangerous of the three hurricane hazards, historically causing nine out of ten hurricane related deaths. It is defined as that great dome of water, which are many feet above normal that crosses the coastline near the location at which the "eye" of the hurricane makes landfall.
High winds
__ will also impact the timing of evacuation orders since they can be expected to affect the coastal areas several hours prior to the arrival of the hurricane's eye.
Storm surge
Storm surge is determined by the utilization of SLOSH (Sea, Lake, and Overland Surges from Hurricanes) models.
74 - 95
Category 1: Winds of ___ miles per hour, damaging primarily shrubbery, trees, foliage and unanchored mobile homes.
96 - 110
Category 2: Winds of 96 - 110 miles per hour, damaging shrubbery and tree foliage as well as downing some trees. Major damage to exposed
mobile homes and extensive damage to poorly constructed signs can be expected.
111 - 130
Category 3: Winds of __ miles per hour causing uprooted/downed large trees; downed signs; and the destruction of mobile homes.
131 - 155
Category 4: Winds of ___miles per hour causing downed shrubs, trees, and all signs with extensive damage to roofing materials, windows
and doors.
greater than 155 miles
Category 5: Winds ___ per hour, causing severe and extensive damage to windows and doors with some complete building failures. Small buildings can be overturned or blown away.
Criminal Investigations Division Commander
Door-to-Door Notification Teams (Evacuation): done by ___
Assistant City Attorney
Emergency Ordinances and Agreements:
Assignment: ____
Special Support Division Commander
Emergency Operations Coordinator:
Assignment: ___
Captain of the Special Operations Bureau
Employee Assistance Teams: Assignment: ____
Chief of Police:
Evacuation of Police Headquarters: Assignment: ___
Captain of the Support Services Bureau
Law Enforcement Volunteers: Assignment: ___
TPD Public Information Safety Coordinator
Media Coordination: Assignment: ___
City of Tampa Emergency Management Manger
Pre-Supply Planning/Record Keeping: Assignment: The ____ will be the Liaison for purchasing food and supplies.
City of Tampa Employee Relations Bureau
In addition, each employee is required to complete the "Know Your Role" annual report when instructed by the ___.
District I
Re-entry and Security Control: Assignment: ____ Division Commander
Criminal Investigations Division Commander:
Search and Rescue Teams: Assignment: ___
School Resource Supervisor
Security for Red Cross Shelters: Assignment: ___
One Captain, from each Patrol District
Shuttle Procedures: responsibility
District II
Traffic Evacuation Posts: Assignments: ___ Division Commander
Special Support Division Commander
Security for Relief Distribution Sites: Assignment: ___