Mr Ball: Ch. 1 Section 2 & 3 test review

Read the section in the book, study your notes and then use thes flash cards to review.

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Anyone born or naturalized in the United States
To forcibly send a person back to his or her own country
Illegal alien
Noncitizens living in the United States against the law
Use of violence against innocent civilians to achieve political goals
The French
Immigrated and settled in Canada and along the Mississippi River
Legal process by which aliens become citizens
Mass movement of people for various reasons
The Spanish
Immigrated and settled in Florida, California, and along the south-west
Dual Citizenship
a person that hold citizenship in two countries
E pluribus Unum
Out of many, one
The 14th Amendment
The amendment to the Constitution that defines United States citizenship as anyone born on American soil or naturalized.
List the six steps in the Naturalization process
Step 1. File a Declaration of Intention.
Step 2. Live in U.S for 5 years
Step 3. Learn English, Civics, U.S. History.
Step 4. File an application of Naturalization.
Step 5. Meeting with an immigration examiner.
Step 6. Court Appearance/Oath of Allegiance.
People who move permanently to a new country
List the 3 major population shifts in us history
1. Rural to Urban
2. Shift to the sunbelt
3. Urban to suburban
List 3 things a legal alien can do.
They can hold jobs, pay taxes, and are entitled to legal protection
List 3 things a legal alien can not do
They can not: vote in election, run for office, serve on juries, or work in most government jobs
The spanish
The first Europeans to settle permanently in North America
List the countries that mainly immigrated the the U.S. during the late 1600's and the 1700's
Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Scotland, and Sweden
List the countries that mainly immigrated the the U.S. during the 1890-1924
Italy, Greece, Poland, and Russia.