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225 million years ago a single supercontinent contained all the worlds dry land
oldest mountain range 350 million years ago mountains formed
Land Bridge
about 35,000 years ago the sea lowered due to the ice age and as the sea level dropped
Europeans arrived/Iroquois Confederation
is also called " League of the Iroquois," and is made up of five Indian nations. They are the Mohawks, the Oneidas, the Onondagas, the Cayugas, and the Senecas.
grew corn 5000b.c developed in Mexico then expanded
Europeans wanted goods from Asia
the goods are very expensive and far away; Marco Polo wrote a book about his adventure and made people want to explore
Francisco Pizarro
defeated the Inca's in Peru in 1532; gold and silver that came back started the banking system
Christopher Columbus
is an Italian sea captain for Spain. He never landed in America; he landed in the Bahamas and found Indians.
Encomienda System
gave the Spanish landlords the right to own Indians
Hernando Cortez (Conquistadores)
1521 defeated the Aztecs in Mexico and got gold; Conquistadores looking for god, gold, and glory
Columbian Exchange
widespread of the human population
Spanish Armada
is when the Spanish made an attempt to make England Catholic. The Spanish send thirty ships to England but the outcome was unsuccessful.
England on the Eye of the Empire
the Queen of England died; King James took power of England and became king; he made peace with the Spanish; England had unemployment and not enough land- so some migrated to America
Joint Stock Company
is known as the Virginia Company of London and is a settlement for a New World. The main goal of this company was the promise of gold combined with determination to find a passage through America to the Indies.
at first the colony was a disaster; 40 men died on the way over; Jamestown was located in the middle of a swamp which had diseases; men came to America to get rich and gold
John Smith
is a intrepid young adventurer who had been kidnapped by Pocahontas's father and Pocahontas saved him; took control of Jamestown and wrote two books about his experiences in Jamestown
Lord De La Warr
carried orders from the Virginia Company that amounted to a declaration of war against the Indians. Also, he developed "Irish Tactics" against the Indians so he and his troops can raid their villages, burn their houses and plantations.
House of Burgesses
was the first assembly of the elected English colonist in America. The first meeting was held in Jamestown, Virginia in 1619.
Lord Baltimore
founded Maryland the second plantation in 1634. He wanted to gain financial profits and create a refuge for his fellow Catholics.
Barbados Slave Codes
slaves denied rights; masters have complete control over them
the people in Virgina were not happy witht their religious leaders so they went to the Carolina's; the Carolina's separated in 1712
Rhode Island
has small farmers
James Oglethorpe founded Georgia in 1733 and it became a buffer colony- to protect the rich Carolinas from the Spanish in Fl; least populated colony because there are no slaves there
1619 important year in U.S. history
the first assembly in America for the House of Burgesses