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7.1 Printers- COMPTIA A+ Essentials

LabSim flashcards 7.1.3 Printer Type Facts
Dot matrix
A ____ printer is an impact printer that transfers characters by striking a pattern (from a matrix) through an inked ribbon and onto paper.
The most common number of pins on a dot matrix printer is 9, 18, or 24, with more pins providing a ____ resolution.
CPS (characters per second)
The speed of dot matrix printers is measured in ____. Common speeds for a dot matrix printer are 32 to 72.
Dot matrix printers operate in either a ____ (letters, numbers and symbols) or dot-addressable (graphs and charts) mode.
Dot matrix printers can use either a ____ feed or a tractor feed system to move paper through the printing assembly.
Pin friction
The print head can become dangerously hot due to ____.
Because dot matrix printers strike the image onto paper, it is a good printer to use when ____ documents are being printed.
Ink jet
____ printers are quiet non-impact printers with ink stored in a reservoir.
Ink reservoir
The ____ is in a disposable cartridge that includes the printing mechanism.
Bubble jet
____ printers print by heating the ink and squirting it through tiny nozzles in the print head and onto the paper.
DPI (Dots Per Inch)
The crispness of an ink jet printer's image is usually rated in terms of ____. Ink jets range from 150 to over 1400 dpi.
A new generation of ink jet printers produce ____ printouts when used with photo-quality paper.
Print line
Ink jet printers feed single cut sheets of paper, from a feed tray, by clamping them between rollers and advancing them one ____ at a time, from top to bottom, and then placing the newly printed paper into a tray, other than the feed tray.
Ink jet printers are an inexpensive way to produce color printouts.
Bubble jet
____ printers are the most popular form of ink jet printers.
____ printers use lasers and electrical charges to transfer images to paper.
Laser printers are classified as ____ printers because they print text and graphics simultaneously one complete page at a time.
Laser printers use a laser to charge a metal ____. It then picks up plastic toner, and the toner is then fused on to the paper (using rollers and heat).
Of all the types of printers discussed in this course, ____ printers have the highest print quality.
Dye sublimation
A ____ printer is a non-impact printer that uses film-embedded dye.
Dye sublimation
With a ____ printer, the print head heats and passes over the film, causing the dye to vaporize and soak into the film paper.
Dye sublimation printing prints in ____ colors rather than pixels.
Dye sublimation
Produces photographic quality images.
Solid ink
____ printers melt ink onto the print head (which is as wide as the paper). The head jets the melted ink onto the paper as the paper passes by on the print drum (similar to the laser printing process).
Solid ink printers
____ offer the following advantages, simple design, excellent print quality, easy set up and maintenance
Solid ink printers
With ____ the head takes as long as 15 minutes to heat prior to printing.
A ____ printer is a non-impact printer that uses heat to cause a reaction on specially treated paper.
____ thermal paper is chemically treated to darken where heated (photosensitive). Many cash registers use this type of printer for creating receipts.
____ thermal paper is chemically treated to absorb color from a ribbon where heated.
CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and black)
The color system used by thermal printers is ____.
With thermal printers,the paper must make ____ pass for each application of a different color.
True or false, color thermal printers are very expensive, high quality, and operate quietly.