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Oral sex becomes prevalent (over 50% receiving) at what age?
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This is the second most reported SID in the US?GonorrheaWhich of these are not a hormone-based contraception method? Depo-Provera Vaginal Ring Skin Patch Vaginal SPermicideSpermicidesWho was famously arraigned for breaching the comstock Laws? Margaret Sanger Katherine McCormack Sally FreemanMargaret SangerMale sterilization is called?VasectomyFemale Sterilization is called?Tying tubes TranscervicalTubal Litigation alters a Woman's Level?NOThe first recorded condoms were made from?LinenDo more men or women report masturbation pre puberty?Women 40% Men 38%Our studies rely on caregivers when discussing child sex behaviour. This is an issue because?Bias ShameAPPROXIMATELY how many adolescent females become pregnant yearly in the US?750,000What country has the highest # of teens pregnancies industrial west?USAWhen does a "seperation of the sexes" occur?~8-9 years oldDoes Sex PLAY other children increase or decrease after 2-3 years old?IncreaseBefore the age of 13, what percentage of black males claim intercourse has happened?68.4%Is "Sexting" illegal if it involves a minor?Child Pornography Laws 18 US Code State LawsName 2 external signs of female sexual maturation?Budding Breasts Pubic HairCan a male and female infant experience what appears to be an orgasm?YesWho famously used sheathes tied on with ribbons for condoms?CasanovaThis STI is known as the CLAP?GonorrheaWhen a child reaches 8-14, the hypothalamus releases causes the pituitary causes the release of what?GonadotropinsWhich race enters menarche first and finishes first typically? White Hispanic American African AmericanAfrican AmericanWhat one thing most facilitates the spread of STI's?The lack of obvious symptomsName 4 medication that reduce the pills effectivenessBarbiturates Ampicillin Tetracycline Tegretol St. John's Wort Rifampin Phenylbutazone PilantinWhat kind of lube should one use on a condom?Water basedDo cervical Barrier devices protect against STI's?NOUsing the "basal method" what temperature variation indicate ovulation?0.2 degreesDescribe ovulatory MucusClear, stringy, stretchy Consistency of egg whites One drop will stretch 1.5 inches between thumb and forefingerName 3 unreliable contraceptive "methods"Breast Feeding Withdrawal DouchingDoes pre-ejaculate contain spermYesWhat two things often contribute to lack of STI treatment?Embarrassment GuiltEstimated Word POP @ 20508.9 BillionGriswold v. Connecticut (1965) Scotus decision said what?Married people could use contraceptionOut of 100 women, how may will get pregnant if not using contraception?85/100Using the standard days method what days can a woman menstrual cycle?8 to 19What is the most important variable of method effectiveness of contraception?Human errorHas the # of males and females reported inter course (by 19) increasing or decreasing in the East 50 years?DecreasedThe four basic types of the pill are?Constant-dose combo pill