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adj. promoting; contributing (used with to); helpful


tr. v. 1. to persuade; to influence
2. to cause; to bring about


tr. v. to slander; to speak falsely or maliciously of


n. 1. a small fort defending an important point
2. a place of refuge or defense


n. dominance, especially of one political body over another


n. a thorough explanation or interpretation, especially of a sacred text


n. 1. an announcement; a proclamation
2. (often capitalized) In Christian thought, the announcement by the angel Gabriel to Mary that she would give birth to the son of God


n. an action or statement in which something is given up, rejected, abandoned, or sacrificed


n. an organized society, such as a nation, state, church, or other organization, having a specific form of government


adj. 1. wise; prudent; sagacious
2. expedient; taking advantage of the moment; shrewd


n. monarch; a ruler possessing great power


adj. mighty; powerful; forceful


n. 1. emblems and symbols of royalty, rank, office, or institution
2. finery; elaborate attire


n. the office or period of office as a regent; one who administers for a monarch, especially (sometimes capitalized) in England (1811-1820) and in France (1715-1723)
n. and adj. (often capitalized) a style of dress, furniture, and architecture characteristic of the regency period in England


n. a governor or ruler exercising authority on behalf of a sovereign in a province or colony

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