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Which of the following men was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention who went on to become president of the United States?
a. James Madison
b. Thomas Jefferson
c. John Adams
d. Benjamin Franklin

a. James Madison

Which state chose not to take part in the Constitutional Convention?
a. Virginia
b. Pennsylvania
c. Rhode Island
d. Massachusetts

c. Rhode Island

Seven of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention had been
a. Continental Congress delegates
b. governors of their states
c. leaders in the Continental Army
d. signers of the Declaration of Independence

b. governors of their states

The participants at the convention agreed to keep all discussions
a. short
b. secret
c. civil
d. orderly

b. secret

According to the rules for conducting the convention, how many states had to have delegates present for meetings to be held?
a. five
b. six
c. seven
d. eight

c. seven

Who did delegates unanimously agree should preside over the Constitutional Convention?
a. Benjamin Franklin
b. Thomas Jefferson
c. John Adams
d. George Washington

d. George Washington

Although elected as a delegate, _____ opposed the Constitutional Convention and did not attend.
a. Thomas Jefferson
b. Patrick Henry
c. John Hancock
d. Charles Pinckney

b. Patrick Henry

_____ was a famous diplomat, writer, inventor, and scientist who attended the Constitutional Convention.
a. George Washington
b. Benjamin Franklin
c. Patrick Henry
d. John Adams

b. Benjamin Franklin

Because its leaders opposed a stronger central government, ____ was not represented at the Constitutional Convention.
a. Pennsylvania
b. George
c. Texas
d. Rhode Island

d. Rhode Island

Notable leader who was not at the Constitutional Convention

Thomas Jefferson

Delegate who kept a notebook of daily events

James Madison

at 81, the oldest delegate to the convention

Benjamin Franklin

delegate who presided over the convention

George Washington

delegate who was against the convention and did not attend

Patrick Henry

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