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Bank records

reconcile bank statements

account for small money

petty cash

how many hours do you have to work to get overtime

40 hours

if you get over 40 hours a week you make

1 &1/2 (time and a half)

the fair labor standards act

minimum wage

how do you deposit currency

facing up and in the same direction

who needs to be firm and positive

collection agency

federal truth and lending act

regulations that apply to monthly payments (money)

pt that needs to pay the bill needs to refer to

collection agency

how many days old does the account need to be overdue before it is sent to collections

90 days

how often do deposits need to be made


what is a negotiable statement

blank statement

unique number

ABA number

endorsment used by the medical office

resrictive endorsement

on the T-account, what is located on the left side


on the T-account, what is located on the right side


what is another name for encounter form


contains demographics as well as important billing information

ledger card

the fair labors standards act

laborly/ hourly wage

contains up to date status of the pt account

ledger card

federal truth and lending act impact


if a pt pays $1000 and collections take 40% how much will you get


what is restricted

a check by the medical office

another name for the one-write system

pegboard system

what is the amount owed to the doctor

accounts recievable

report showing income minus expenses

income statement

what is a write off

when a portion or the entire amount of the charges cannot be collected

a basic tool to use


endorsment that is "paid in full" is

qualified endorsment

what is a statement

activity of the pt's account

what is an asset

anything of value that is owned by the medical practice

money that is owed to a vendor is

accounts payable

a fee schedule is

Dr.'s list of service

what is workers comp.

someone that is injured on the job

when a report balance is unpaid

aging report

what is a transaction

financial activity of buisness

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