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  1. Judges of Israel
  2. Eli
  3. A shrine is
  4. Shrine at Shiloh
  5. The judges in the Old Testament were
  1. a A shrine was a sacred place where Jewish pilgrims came to pray. Jewish tradition tells us the Ark containing the Commandments was once kept at the shrine at Shiloh.
  2. b The leaders of the Israelites before they had kings.
  3. c Head priest of all the Jewish priests who lived at the shrine when Hannah came there with Samuel.
  4. d a holy place
  5. e the leaders of the Israelites before they had king's.

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  1. 2 books
  2. Shiloh
  3. "speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.
  4. the story of his mother, Hannah
  5. Eli

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  1. The name Samuel means?"one who hears God"


  2. A priest is someone whopreaches the Gospel
    listens to God
    teaches people to live as followers of Jesus


  3. God told Samuel to appoint the 1st king, who was he?to serve God.
    His job was to help the priests and visitors.


  4. Ark of the CovenantThe decorated chest in which the Israelites kept the stone tablets on which the 10 commandments were written.


  5. When did the Israelites first build the Art of the Covenant?the story of his mother, Hannah