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  1. Salvation History
  2. covenant
  3. prophets
  4. covenant with abraham
  5. Divine Revelation
  1. a God promised land and descendants/Abraham promised people would believe that God was the ONLY God/Sign-Circumcision of males
  2. b The story of God's saving presence activity on our behalf
  3. c ancient fortune tellers
  4. d God's free gift of self-communication, which helps us understand God's plan for us
  5. e a binding promise between God and humankind in which God pledges enduring love and asks for our love in return

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  1. 27
  2. binding to god ---Latin
  3. the principle that promotes our worldly values or ideals over religious ones
  4. a judgement of reason whereby the human person recognizes the moral quality of a concrete act
  5. a central truth of Revelation that catholics must believe

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  1. the 2 elements of a single Deposit of FaithSacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition


  2. Sacred Traditionlack of religion, indifference or hostility to religion


  3. St. Thomas Aquinas saidset out for proofs of God's existence


  4. How many books in the OT?46


  5. 3 things faith enables us to do/ Gives usset out for proofs of God's existence