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Billing Chapter 4 - ICD-9-CM

Parentheses ()
Enclose words that do not affect code assigment: Arteriosclerosis (obliterans) (senile)
Square brackets []
Enclose information that does not affect code assignment
Arteriosclerotic heart disease [ASHD]
Slanted square brackets
Enclose the manifestation code associated with an underlying condition
Anthrax, with pheumonia 022.1 [484.5]
Identify recquired descriptions for exclusion and inclusion notes
528.0 Stomatitis
acute necrotizing ulcerative (10)
aphthous (528.2)
gangrenous (528.1)
herpetic (054.2)
Vincent's (101)
Section mark(s)
662 Long labor
662.0 Prolonged First Stage
Braces {
Serve the same purpose as colons
Double braces {}
Serve the sames purpose as colons