MKT 111 Chapter 12 (Multiple Choice/TF only)

1) ________ is any paid form of nonpersonal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor.
A) Sales promotion
B) Personal selling
C) Advertising
D) Public relations
E) Direct marketing
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2) Greentech is launching a line of miniature solar chargers for laptops, cellphones, and other electronic devices. The chargers are compact and affordable, and the green energy technology is a value-added benefit for both the company and consumers. Which of the following would qualify as an advertisement for Greentech's new solar chargers?
A) a front-page notice of the release of Greentech's solar chargers in all leading newspapers
B) a press conference to discuss the various benefits, including environmental features
C) the use of dedicated sales personnel to explain the qualities of the new solar chargers to retailers
D) an endorsement by a national environmental organization to tout the benefits of the new solar chargers
E) an online lottery where interested buyers have a chance to win a prize
4) Power Pro, a leading manufacturer of lawn and garden equipment, releases a new line of cordless, lightweight, electric weed trimmers. To boost sales, Power Pro issues a 50 percent off coupon to the first 100 buyers at all Home Depot stores in the Northeast. Which element of the promotion mix has Power Pro used in this scenario?
A) public relations
B) crowdsourcing
C) advertising
D) sales promotion
E) personal selling
6) ColaBlue, a soft drink manufacturer, is sued by an environmental group for not meeting certain safety standards in its waste disposal. ColaBlue remedies the problem by adding higher-grade filters and purifiers. Which of the following actions by ColaBlue would constitute a public-relations effort to address the effects of the lawsuit and the consequent damage to its brand image?
A) having well-trained personnel at retail outlets to explain the different ranges of products the company provides
B) tying in with local restaurants to promote exclusive sales of ColaBlue soft drinks
C) lowering prices of ColaBlue's products in the short term
D) holding a press conference to explain the remedial steps that ColaBlue has taken
E) making new advertisements for ColaBlue products and sponsoring shows on television
8) Window Concepts has introduced a new line of windows that offer the same benefits as solar panels in reducing heating and cooling costs in homes. The state-of-the-art windows will also contribute to the slowing of global warming while providing energy reliability. The company sends a team of representatives to the National Doors and Windows Trade Show to promote the new line of windows. Which promotion mix tool has Window Concepts used in this scenario?
A) crowdsourcing
B) public relations
C) advertising
D) personal selling
E) crowdcasting
9) Studio 19 is a dance studio geared to adults who want to learn ballroom and Latin dance. When individuals call the studio, they're encouraged to access the website to receive a $25 e-coupon entitling them to a free half hour of dance instruction. Once they become patrons, text messages are sent to share news about featured dance instructors and upcoming special events. Which of the following promotion mix tools does Studio 19 employ to reach target customers?
A) public relations
B) personal selling
C) direct marketing
D) crowdsourcing
E) retailing
11) A firm that sends e-mail updates to customers about new products is engaging in personal selling.FALSE13) Which of the following is true of consumers in the new marketing communications model? A) They are more reliant on traditional methods of marketing for product information. B) They are less informed than before about companies and product marketing techniques. C) They are more reliant on mass-media marketing methods for product information. D) They are less powerful than before in affecting the way a company markets its products. E) They are better equipped to find product and brand information on their own.E14) Which of the following is an effect of the advancement of technology on marketing? A) Fragmented markets have assimilated into a few mass markets. B) Marketers go through more intermediaries to connect with consumers. C) Consumers rely less on marketer-supplied information than in the past. D) Marketers have increasingly moved toward mass-marketing techniques. E) Marketers tend to supply less information to consumers than in the past.C15) Rather than just creating and placing "TV ads" or "print ads" or "Snapchat branded stories," many marketers now view themselves more broadly as ________ managers. A) social media marketing B) content marketing C) integrated marketing communication D) direct marketing E) multi-media marketingB16) Lush Lawns, a new landscaping company, uses the same logo and shade of green in all forms of communication including its online ads, truck signage, website, and business cards. Which technique is being used by Lush Lawns to promote its business? A) logistics information management B) inventory control segmentation C) niche market penetration D) integrated marketing communications E) global marketing managementD17) Which of the following is true of marketing strategies that are being developed in the new marketing communications model? A) They are more targeted, social, and engaging. B) They target much larger customer segments. C) They rely more on mass-media marketing techniques. D) They use very little alternative media. E) They include a greater number of print media ads.A18) Which of the following is true of advertising in the new marketing communications model? A) Advertisers are increasingly shifting toward digital media. B) Advertisers are spending more on broadcast advertising. C) Advertisers are finding traditional media less expensive. D) Advertisers are using less targeted media to reach customers. E) Advertisers have replaced print catalogues with digital versions.A19) Which of the following is a function of an integrated marketing communications system? A) designing products using environmentally friendly techniques B) allowing suppliers or vendors to manage the inventory of products C) controlling production levels by feedback received from customers D) delivering a clear, consistent, and compelling message on the product to each brand contact E) sharing company forecasting details with shareholdersD20) ________ tends to legitimize products, is very expressive, allows brand or company dramatization, and can build up a long-term image for a product. A) Direct mailing B) Telephone marketing C) Door-to-door selling D) Television advertising E) Printed-catalog marketingD21) Which of the following is a disadvantage of advertising? A) It does not allow dramatization of the brand or company. B) It only provides one-way communication with customers. C) It can be too customized and only attracts small, niche markets. D) It reaches targeted customers too slowly in most cases. E) It is the most costly promotion tool for companies.B22) Which of the following types of promotion tools requires a considerable degree of personal interaction with a customer? A) digital advertising B) personal selling C) sales promotion D) public relations E) television advertisingB23) Karen Dodd is employed by Dell and responsible for calling on primary schools in her home state of Maine to promote the company's offerings. She demonstrates the Dell line of products including desktop computers, laptops, and tablets and fields questions from teachers and administrators alike. This is an example of which promotion tool? A) digital advertising B) personal selling C) sales promotion D) public relations E) television advertisingB24) Which of the following is true of personal selling? A) It is the most effective promotional tool for geographically dispersed buyers. B) It allows firms to dramatize product offers through arts and visuals. C) It is the most expensive promotional tool for companies to utilize. D) It is an ineffective method for building long-term customer relationships. E) It presents a firm's message as news rather than as a sales-directed communication.C25) Surf's Up, a family-owned business, offers a free surf lesson with the purchase of any surfboard over $200 during the month of May. This is an example of which promotion mix element? A) direct and digital marketing B) public relations C) advertising D) personal selling E) sales promotionE26) Which of the following is most likely a difference between advertising and sales promotion? A) Advertising is a sales-directed form of communication, while sales promotions are endorsed as company news. B) Advertising can be used to build up a long-term image for a product while sales promotion effects can be short lived. C) Advertising can be used to dramatize product offers, but sales promotion cannot be used for this purpose. D) Advertising can trigger quick sales, while sales promotions cannot. E) Advertising is not as effective in building long-term brand preferences as sales promotions.B27) When a company issues a press release to announce a sizable donation to a national charity, it is using ________ to generate goodwill and maintain a positive corporate image. A) personal selling B) sales promotion C) public relations D) direct and digital marketing E) advertisingC28) Which of the following is true of public relations? A) It provides quick incentives to make product purchases. B) It emphasizes news and events rather than sales. C) It involves training a dedicated sales force to meet customers. D) It cannot be used to dramatize a product or company. E) It is the most widely used promotional tool.B29) Which of the following is an example of a combination of sales promotions and direct marketing? A) a company giving discounts on their product prices in order to gain a brand image B) a company releasing a nationwide television ad about every buyer having a chance to win a lottery prize C) a company holding a press conference to talk about their new product D) a company's sales representatives meeting customers directly to present customized offerings E) a company sending an e-mail to a customer about a discount on a product during a holiday seasonE30) Which of the following is true of direct and digital marketing? A) Its marketing message is fixed and does not change according to the customer's requirements. B) It is suited for highly targeted marketing efforts and for building one-to-one customer relationships. C) It is presented as company news rather than as a sales-directed communication. D) It does not involve any interaction between the company and its customers. E) It is an impersonal promotion tool that hinders two-way communication.B31) A company that uses telephone marketing to sell its products to customers is most likely using the promotion tool of ________. A) advertising B) public relations C) direct and digital marketing D) retailing E) merchandisingC32) Which of the following promotion mix approaches involves a producer promoting a product to different channel members who in turn promote the product to customers? A) direct marketing B) a push strategy C) the publish-subscribe method D) a pull strategy E) vertical integrationB33) A pharmaceutical manufacturer offers monetary incentives to its sales representatives to promote a new drug to the medical professionals in their respective geographic territories. This is an example of a ________ strategy. A) push B) direct marketing C) vertical integration D) pull E) publish-subscribeD34) Chic Eyewear, a producer of designer eyeglass frames, promotes their new line in national fashion magazines. Chic Eyewear lists the select optical retailers that carry their line at the bottom of their ads. This is an example of a ________ strategy. A) push B) vertical integration C) pull D) publish-subscribe E) direct marketingC35) In a pull strategy, the producer promotes the product to channel members who in turn promote it to final consumers.FALSE36) Content marketing managers create, inspire, share, and curate marketing content-both their own content and that created by consumers and others.TRUE37) Despite the shift toward digital media, traditional mass media still capture a sizable share of the promotion budgets of most major marketing firms.TRUE38) Mass marketing is the optimal promotion tool for building personal and long-lasting relationships with customers.FALSE39) Some marketers now rely almost entirely on digital and social media.TRUE41) A consumer demanding a product from a retailer after watching an ad on television has responded to a pull promotional advertising strategy.TRUE42) John Deere's sales force working with Lowe's, Home Depot, independent dealers, and other channel members to promote their products to final consumers is an example of a push promotion strategy.TRUE48) Which of the following is the first step in developing an advertising program? A) setting the advertising budget B) developing an advertising strategy C) developing a brand message D) setting advertising objectives E) evaluating advertising campaignsD49) "Informing the target market about a price change for a signature cookie dough product through a national TV campaign within three months" is an example of a(n) ________ objective. A) reminder B) comparative C) informative D) advertising E) persuasiveD50) The objective of ________ advertising is to build primary demand. A) reminder B) comparative C) personal D) informative E) persuasiveD51) Inglast, a chocolate producer, is faced with a class action suit when customers found pieces of plastic in boxes of cocoa powder. Inglast settles the case and then releases an advertising campaign to show the new and improved safety seals on all containers of cocoa powder. Which kind of advertisement has Inglast most likely used? A) classified B) informative C) comparative D) personalized E) reminderB52) The primary objective of ________ advertising is to build selective demand. A) reminder B) classified C) personal D) informative E) persuasiveE53) ________ advertising would most likely result in attack ads between competitors. A) Reminder B) Comparative C) Personal D) Informative E) ClassifiedB54) ________ advertising primarily maintains brand relationships and is important for mature products. A) Comparative B) Persuasive C) Personalized D) Reminder E) ClassifiedD55) Trendy Appliances has introduced a new product, Minute Yogurt, into the yogurt maker appliance market. Minute Yogurt differs from competitive offerings because it takes a minute to blend and a minute to clean. Which type of advertising would be best for promoting Minute Yogurt? A) informative advertising B) reminder advertising C) classified advertising D) comparative advertising E) personalized advertisingA56) Which statement is most likely true about the affordable method of setting an advertising budget? A) Spending on advertising is calculated based on the financial objectives a company wishes to accomplish. B) Spending on advertising is calculated after operating expenses and capital outlays are deducted from total revenues. C) Spending on advertising is based on a predetermined percentage of current or forecasted sales for the year. D) Spending on advertising is calculated as a percentage of the unit sales price. E) Spending on advertising is based on a competitor's advertising outlays.B57) The ________ method of setting an advertising budget typically overlooks how promotion affects sales. A) affordable B) percentage-of-sales C) objective-and-task D) competitive parity E) adaptive-controlA58) Which method of setting advertising budgets best helps management think about the relationship between promotion spending, selling price, and profit per unit? A) adaptive-control method B) objective-and-task method C) competitive-parity method D) affordable method E) percentage-of-sales methodE59) In the competitive-parity method of setting an advertising budget, the budget is set based on ________. A) a percentage of future sales B) the total revenues that a company makes C) the amount spent by similar companies in the same industry D) objectives set by the company and the cost required to accomplish them E) a percentage of current salesC60) According to the text, the most logical budget-setting method in advertising is the ________ method. A) adaptive-control B) objective-and-task C) competitive-parity D) affordable E) percentage-of-salesB61) Which of the following best describes the term "Madison and Vine"? A) utilizing the slice of life style of advertising B) emphasizing reach over impact in advertising C) using social media for advertising a brand D) merging advertising with entertainment E) voicing social concerns through advertisingD62) The aim of ________ is to make ads and brand content so engaging or useful that people want to watch them. A) branded entertainment B) advertainment C) social advertising D) subliminal advertising E) infotainment advertisingB63) Which of the following is an example of branded entertainment? A) a company placing its product in a movie scene B) a company using a celebrity to endorse a product C) a company airing its advertisements in movie theaters D) a company using an acclaimed movie director to film an advertisement E) a company using a famous song in its advertisementA64) Starbucks has signed a contract with a television production company to have its brand featured prominently in a new situation comedy about empty nesters. The conditions of the agreement state that the situation comedy will feature only the Starbucks brand of coffee. What kind of advertising technique is being used in this example? A) geofencing B) advertainment C) product placement D) vertical integration E) subliminal advertisingC65) The ________ style of advertising shows ordinary people clearly using a product in a normal setting. A) personality symbol B) slice of life C) mood or image D) testimonial evidence E) technical expertiseB66) Trainstar, a sportswear equipment manufacturer, releases a new line of energy drinks called VitaZing. The television ad for the energy drink shows people jogging, working out in a gym, and doing aerobics. The actors then take a break to drink VitaZing, which visibly re-energizes them and leads them to continue exercising. Which advertising methods most likely used in the VitaZing ad? A) scientific evidence B) technical expertise C) personality symbol D) testimonial evidence E) lifestyleE67) Which of the following best describes the personality symbol style of advertising? A) using ordinary people to show how a product affects them in their daily lives B) using scientific evidence to support claims about a product in an advertisement C) using an animated character or mascot to represent a product in an advertisement D) using a technical expert to recommend a product in an advertisement E) using a celebrity to endorse a product in an advertisementC68) A TV ad promoting how an ordinary person's life has changed due to considerable weight loss is an example of the ________ style of advertising. A) scientific evidence B) testimonial evidence C) technical expertise D) mood or image E) fantasyB69) Crest toothpaste has used a ________ style of advertising to convince buyers that Crest is better than other brands at fighting cavities. A) testimonial evidence B) technical expertise C) scientific evidence D) mood or image E) fantasyC70) Which of the following media is most suitable for advertising a product that needs to be demonstrated? A) television B) radio C) newspaper D) magazine E) billboardA71) Which of the following media is most suitable for having consumers provide input on product design or features? A) television B) radio C) magazines D) social media E) billboardsD72) Marketers need to know how customers connect with an ad and brand idea as a part of the broader brand relationship. This can be achieved by measuring ________ levels. A) media engagement B) reach C) frequency D) listenership E) readershipA73) Which of the following is a disadvantage of using digital, mobile, and social media for advertising? A) The costs are high. B) Audience selectivity is low. C) The audience controls content and ad exposure. D) The interactive capabilities are low. E) There is little scope for personalization.C74) Which of the following is a disadvantage of using a magazine as an advertising medium? A) It has a poor pass-along readership. B) It involves high costs. C) It has low geographic selectivity. D) It has low credibility and image. E) It consists of low-quality reproduction.B75) The mood or image style shows the company's expertise in making the product.FALSE76) Comparative advertising is a type of persuasive advertising.TRUE77) Native advertising refers to advertising or other brand-produced online content that looks in form and function like the other natural content surrounding it on a Web or social media platform.TRUE78) Traditional mass media still make up a majority of today's media mixes.TRUE80) The competitive-parity method of setting promotion budgets prevents promotion wars between companies.FALSE81) Product placement is a form of brand integration.TRUE82) The affordable method tends to place promotion last among spending priorities, even in situations in which advertising is critical to the firm's success.TRUE83) Advertising's goal is to help move consumers through the buying process.TRUE84) In advertising media selection, frequency describes the qualitative value of message exposure through a given medium.FALSE85) In any medium, the relevance of advertising content to an audience is less important than how many people the advertisement reaches.FALSE86) Standardization produces many benefits-lower advertising costs, greater global advertising coordination, and a more consistent worldwide image.TRUE87) The aim of advertainment is to make ads and brand content so entertaining or so useful that people want to watch them.TRUE95) Which of the following is an example of a firm utilizing public relations as a promotion tool? A) a firm using its personal sales force at an expo to sell its products B) a firm sending its catalog directly to customers through e-mail C) a firm informing customers of special discounts on its website D) a firm providing interesting information about a product to the news media E) a firm using a celebrity to endorse a product in a television commercialD96) A common PR tool is special events, ranging from news conferences and speeches, brand tours, and sponsorships to multimedia presentations or educational programs designed to reach and interest target publics.TRUE97) Usually, when using public relations, a company pays for the space or time in the media.FALSE98) Lobbying refers to a PR department maintaining relationships with shareholders and others in the financial community.FALSE40) Paid media refers to promotional channels owned and controlled by the company, including company websites, corporate blogs, owned social media pages, proprietary brand communities, sales forces, and events.FALSE79) A promotion strategy consists of two major elements: creating advertising messages and selecting advertising media.FALSE