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  1. Problem Statement
  2. Grounded Theory
  3. Comprehending a Research Report
  4. Underlying assumption to qualitative research
  5. Research Purpose
  1. a identifies an area of concern for a particular population, indicates the significance of problem, and provides a background for the problem
  2. b holds many views in common with phenomenology, how a person defines reality and relates their beliefs to behavior, attempts to define symbolic meanings as the basis for belief and behavior, and considers social groups that share meanings and defines self
  3. c there is not a single reality; reality is based upon perception
  4. d generated from the problem and indentifies the specific goal of the study
  5. e requires that the entire study be read carefully and highlight parts of the article

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  1. quantitative and qualitative
  2. more specific
  3. statement to guide the implementation of a study
  4. more abstract concept
  5. Ho (statistical)/Ha (relationship exists)

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  1. Interpretationcritically appraise of analysis for logic and congruence with method


  2. Purposeincludes a purpose, a series of actions, and a goal


  3. Analysisgo beyond integrated review by performing statistical analyses using summative findings from multiple published studies


  4. Theorywritten descriptions of historical events, letters, and documents related to event


  5. Hypothesesdirectional/non-directional, simple/complex, and null/research