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  1. Research
  2. Process
  3. Research Problem
  4. Data Collection
  5. Descriptive Research
  1. a includes a purpose, a series of actions, and a goal
  2. b exploration and description of phenomena in real-life situations
  3. c an area of concern in which there is a gap in the knowledge base needed for nursing practice
  4. d the precise, systematic gathering of information relevant to the research purpose or the specific objectives, questions, or hypotheses of a study
  5. e a scientific process that validates and refines existing knowledge and generates new knowledge that influences nursing practice

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  1. abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion, and references
  2. the process of assigning "numbers to objects (or events or situations) in accord with some rule"
  3. examine casual relationships or determine the effect of one variable on another
  4. states nature of interaction between 2 or more variables/ relationship exists but does not predict natrure of relationship
  5. used by anthropologists to study culture, defines life belonging to designated groups, and ways in which a group of people solves problems; these ways are reflected in language, dress, food, traditions, and customs

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  1. Review of Literatureprovides with current knowledge about a topic, method, population


  2. Analysissubset of the population that is selected for a particular study, and the members of a sample are the subjects or participants


  3. Philosophical frameworkeach type of qualitative research is guided by a particular philosophical stance


  4. Resultsdescribes how the study was conducted; usually includes the study design, treatment, sample, setting, methods of measurement, and data collection process


  5. Samplingthe process of selecting a group of people, events, behaviors, or other elements