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  1. Methods
  2. Phenomenology
  3. Types of Research
  4. Inductive Reasoning
  5. Process
  1. a the person is integral with the environment, the world is shaped by and shapes the self, reality is subjective thus all experices are unique, and what is the meaning of one's experience?
  2. b variables, sampling, and settings
  3. c includes a purpose, a series of actions, and a goal
  4. d quantitative and qualitative
  5. e moves from the specific to the general

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  1. includes all sources cited in the research report; list includes studies, theories, and methodology resources
  2. reduces, organizes, and gives meaning to the data
  3. Problem & purpose, literature review, framework, study questions (hypotheses), and study variables
  4. the process of assigning "numbers to objects (or events or situations) in accord with some rule"
  5. in qualitative studies they are referred to as participants because withouth the participants, the researcher could not be successful in carrying out the study

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  1. Assumptionsan insight into or understanding of a situation or event as a whole that usually cannot be explained logically


  2. Historicalexamines events of the past, searches for generalities and explanations, and nothing is new


  3. Frameworkthe abstract, theoretical basis for a study that enables the researcher to link the findings to nursing's body of knowledge


  4. Operational definitionprovides a variable or conecpt with theoretical meaning


  5. Dissemination of the findingsthe research report; involves examining the results from data analysis, exploring the significance of the findings, forming conclusions, generalizing the findings, considering the implications for nursing, and suggesting further studies


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