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  1. Theory
  2. Philosophical Basis
  3. Historical
  4. Setting
  5. Underlying assumption to qualitative research
  1. a examines events of the past, searches for generalities and explanations, and nothing is new
  2. b abstract, relates concepts one to another, describe, explain, predict, & control, scope (size), and elements
  3. c directs the questions asked, the observations and the interpretation of data
  4. d the location in which a study is conducted
  5. e there is not a single reality; reality is based upon perception

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  1. abstract; logical structure of meaning; guides development of study tested in study; enables researcher to link series of concepts that are not necessarily related
  2. an insight into or understanding of a situation or event as a whole that usually cannot be explained logically
  3. an environment that the researcher has manipulated or modified in some way
  4. description, analysis, interpretation
  5. presents the outcomes of the statistical tests used to analyze the study data and the significance of these outcomes; includes research purpose, questions, and hypotheses

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  1. Purposeclear and concise statement of the goals of the study; examples would be identify, describe, and explain


  2. Study Methodsassumptions, limitations, design, population & sample, measurement, data collection & analysis, discussion, and dissemination of the findings


  3. Extraneous Variablesexist in all studies and can interfere with obtaining a clear understanding of the relationships among the study variables


  4. Approaches and Philosophical Basisdirects the questions asked, the observations and the interpretation of data


  5. Analysisof formation of groups, questions addressed, and general sense of conclusions reached by the group