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  1. Quantitative
  2. Types of Quantitative Research
  3. Underlying assumption to qualitative research
  4. Problem Statement
  5. Research Purpose
  1. a there is not a single reality; reality is based upon perception
  2. b descriptive, relational, quasi-experimental, and experimental
  3. c generated from the problem and indentifies the specific goal of the study
  4. d formal, objective, rigourous, systematic process for generating numerical information
  5. e identifies an area of concern for a particular population, indicates the significance of problem, and provides a background for the problem

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  1. written descriptions of historical events, letters, and documents related to event
  2. the person is integral with the environment, the world is shaped by and shapes the self, reality is subjective thus all experices are unique, and what is the meaning of one's experience?
  3. to generate a picture of what is known and not known about a particular problem and to document why a study needs to be conducted
  4. a systemic, subjective approach used to describe life experiences and give them meaning; useful in understanding abstract human experiences (pain, powerlessness and vulnerability); focuses on understanding the whole therefore "holistic" nursing
  5. reports of research and includes published studies and unpublished studies

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  1. Hypothesisdirectional/non-directional, simple/complex, and null/research


  2. Samplingsubset of the population that is selected for a particular study, and the members of a sample are the subjects or participants


  3. Measurementthe process of assigning "numbers to objects (or events or situations) in accord with some rule"


  4. Introductionidentifies the nature and scope of the problem being investigated and provides a case for the conduct of the study; includes literature review and framework


  5. Descriptionblueprint for the conduct of a study that maximizes control over factors that could interfere with the study's desired outcome