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  1. Variables
  2. Data Analysis
  3. Concept
  4. Descriptive Research
  5. Study Questions
  1. a reduces, organizes, and gives meaning to the data
  2. b more specific
  3. c concepts at various levels of abstraction that are measured, manipulated, or controlled in a study
  4. d exploration and description of phenomena in real-life situations
  5. e statement to guide the implementation of a study

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  1. more abstract concept
  2. descriptive, relational, quasi-experimental, and experimental
  3. an area of concern in which there is a gap in the knowledge base needed for nursing practice
  4. identifies an area of concern for a particular population, indicates the significance of problem, and provides a background for the problem
  5. includes a purpose, a series of actions, and a goal

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  1. Study Questions & Hypothesesused to bridge the gap between the more abstractly stated research problem and purpose and the study design and plan for data collection and analysis


  2. Content of Research Reportscientific investigation conducted to generate knowledge that will directly influence or improve clinical practice


  3. Samplesubset of the population that is selected for a particular study, and the members of a sample are the subjects or participants


  4. Study Methodsstatements that are taken for granted or are considered true, even though they have not been scientifically tested


  5. Researcher/Participant Relationshiphas impact on collection and interpretation of data