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  1. Currency
  2. Measurement
  3. Operational definition
  4. Types of Quantitative Research
  5. Theory
  1. a abstract, relates concepts one to another, describe, explain, predict, & control, scope (size), and elements
  2. b published within 5 years
  3. c the variable can be measured or manipulated in a study
  4. d the process of assigning "numbers to objects (or events or situations) in accord with some rule"
  5. e descriptive, relational, quasi-experimental, and experimental

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  1. the essence of quantitative research; imposing of rules by the researcher to decrease the possibility of error, thereby increasing the probability that the study's findings are an accurate reflection of reality
  2. moves from the general to the specific
  3. Tradition, Authority, Trial & Error, and Intuition
  4. description, analysis, interpretation
  5. scientific investigation that involves the pursuit of "knowledge for knowledge's sake" or for the pleasure of learning to find the truth

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  1. Underlying assumption to qualitative researchperception of reality changes over time


  2. Propositionidentifies the nature and scope of the problem being investigated and provides a case for the conduct of the study; includes literature review and framework


  3. Conceptual Frameworkabstract; logical structure of meaning; guides development of study tested in study; enables researcher to link series of concepts that are not necessarily related


  4. Abstractexamines events of the past, searches for generalities and explanations, and nothing is new


  5. Methodspresents the outcomes of the statistical tests used to analyze the study data and the significance of these outcomes; includes research purpose, questions, and hypotheses