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control set

experiment that does not contain valuable

deductive reasoning

specific statement can be derived

experimental set

experiment that contains experimental variable


explanation for observed events that can be tested

experimental variable

factor in experiment can be altered but not eh controlled group

inductive reasoning

process where explanation is derived

marine biology

study of living organisms and their interactions with each other

observational science

hypothesis is denied or supported based on observation


study of oceans and their phenomena

ocean productivity

production of organic matter by photosynthetic or chemo synthetic matter


organisms that flow through oceans current

scientific method

pattern of gathering and analyzing information


experimental support of observation made

Charles Darwin

Father of Theory of Evolution

Victor Hensen

German zoologist who laid the foundation of oceanography

Anderson school of NH

built to facilitate study of natural history

Alexander Agassiz

specialist in marine ichthyology

Challenger Expedition

criss corssed this seas


developed scheme of classification

Pliny the Elder

primarily worked on terrestrial organisms

Sir Alistar Hardy

lead expeditions to Antarctica

Charles Wyville

studied plankton


lead expeditions to antarctic seas

Edward Forbes

thought organisms could not survive great depths

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