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Refers to the software on a computer that allows the user to access the server

File Server

A computer connected to a network that distributes resources to other users.


A device that serves as an entrance to another network.


Includes the electronic and mechanical devices that process the data; refers to the computer as well as peripheral devices.

Host Computers

Refers to any computer that provides services to network users.


A device that connects several components of a network.

IP Address

A unique identifying number assigned to each computer connected to the internet

LAN (Local Area Network)

Computer network that is located within a limited geographical area, such as a school or small business


Area of the computer that temporarily holds data waiting to be processed, stored, or output.


Device that sends and receives data to and from computers over telephone lines.


Two or more computers and other devices that are connected, for the purpose of sharing data and programs.

Network Interface Card

Small circuit board that converts the digital signals from a computer into signals that can travel over a network.


A device that connects at least two networks.

WAN (Wide Area Network)

Interconnected group of computers and peripherals that cover a large geographical area, such as multiple buildings


Refers to a personal computer that is connected to a network.

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